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Drug Abuse

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Similar to the age-old dilemma, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” which baffled generations of scientists, the widespread prevalence of comorbidity of drug use related disorders and mental ailments has stumped mental health experts. This has been quite a challenging mystery to unravel; the reality is that any given mental illness can highly […]

08-28-17 Category: Drug Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health

“My mom struggled with drug addiction and mental health problems her entire life. She ultimately died of it. She was purposefully open in all of her work about the social stigmas surrounding these diseases,” said American actress Billie Lourd, while speaking about her mother, Carrie Fisher’s, death. According to the coroner’s report, Fisher had traces […]

08-10-17 Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, Treatment

President Trump is not in a haste to declare a national emergency because of the ongoing opioid crisis in the country, said Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price on Tuesday. The decision has come as a surprise to the opioid commission created by Trump that had earlier advised him to declare a national emergency […]


As part of the ongoing federal war on drug, Attorney General Jeff Sessions inaugurated a Department of Justice pilot program in Ohio, one of the states hit hard by the opioid epidemic, on Aug. 3, 2017. The program will focus on investigating the opioid-related scams and frauds in the health care industry across the United […]

08-04-17 Category: Alcohol, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse

Peering through the window of her tiny apartment, which overlooks a large park in Sacramento’s Willow Creek neighborhood, 68-year-old Marjorie McDowell (name changed) looks back on her life, and all that it had entailed. As she watches young couples taking a walk in the park or friends playing together or families having a picnic she […]


In September 2016, baseball players, coaches, members of the Cuban-American community and aficionados of the game mourned the death of the 24-year-old Cuban right-handed pitching ace, Jose Fernandez, who was killed when the boat he was in, crashed into a jetty and capsized off the coast of Miami’s South Beach. The other two unfortunate victims […]

07-27-17 Category: Drug Abuse, Health, Physical Health

John Kingsley (name changed), a 36-year-old, former welder at a well-known San Diego shipyard, is in the midst of two difficult battles of his life. He was laid off on disciplinary grounds, owing to his addiction to prescription drugs, some time back. Soon he started experiencing health problems and had to go in for a […]

07-26-17 Category: Chronic Pain, Drug Abuse, Opioid

Senators cast their votes narrowly on July 25, 2017, to initiate a debate on a bill aimed at overruling significant provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, in a matter of hours, Republicans had to deal with a major blow when their exhaustive plan to repeal the former President Barack Obama’s health care law […]

07-19-17 Category: Drug Abuse, Opioid

“They used to hand out prescription opioids like candies back then,” sighed 43-year-old Jamie Lynn Dahlbeck of Jamestown, New York, remembering her constant battles with addiction. She had been prescribed opioids for the first time, way back in 1991, to manage the painful plantar warts on her feet. She was expecting her son, Zack Dahlbeck, […]

07-14-17 Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, Heroin Treatment

In a letter dated July 7, 2017, drawing President Trump’s attention towards the deadly opioid abuse crisis ravaging the nation, five former governors of the states of Arkansas, Vermont, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington, have expressed the pressing need for joint federal and state actions to curb the ever-growing numbers of fatal overdoses from heroin and […]

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