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08-17-17 Category: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Stress

“My four-year-old son is queer,” posted a distraught mother on social media. “He loves wearing dresses and dabbling with lipstick.” Her posts attracted all kinds of reactions from empathetic people and strict traditionalists. In fact, a majority of the responses reflected the society’s rigid conventions about gender-nonconforming children, which have made them an object of […]

08-09-17 Category: Depression, Depression rehab

Veterans often have to work in tough and challenging places in times of conflict. There are many such servicemen in the United States who have fought valiantly in different wars, sometimes to protect the nation and at others to defend beliefs. However, what all of them share is the experience of sacrifice, constant travel and […]

06-21-17 Category: Depression, Mental Health

Remember that popular number of Tom Douglas and Steve Seskin – “I don’t know why, they say grown men don’t cry?” Whatever prompted the two to write the song, but it certainly questions the reasoning behind this belief that has been passed to us for generations. Effectively, it translates into the perception that men can’t […]

06-19-17 Category: Depression

Depression in a parent has a negative effect on a child’s well-being and affects their behaviors later in life. So far, research has largely focused on maternal depression and its influence during early childhood, whereas there has been negligible research on depression among fathers and the resultant outcomes on children, especially in their adult life. […]

06-16-17 Category: Depression, Mental Health

By now, it is well accepted that women experience prenatal and postpartum mood disorders. There is limited insight, however, on mental health issues among new fathers since such problems are believed to impact women only. Although awareness regarding paternal mental health has been increasing, the challenges faced by new fathers do not receive due attention. […]

05-15-17 Category: Depression, Depression rehab

While there might exist some elements of truth to the stereotype that creative people are prone to mood disorders, the fact remains that a mental health disorder is no way a prerequisite to getting the creative juices flowing. Unfortunately, since historic times, society has shown a tendency to romanticize anxiety and depression of creative people, […]

05-12-17 Category: Depression, Mental Health

One of the happiest times in a woman’s life is pregnancy. But for several mothers-to-be, these nine months mean a time of confusion, mood swings, fear, stress and depression. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), about 14-23 percent of women will struggle with some symptoms of depression during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the […]

Depression can be life-threatening, seek help on time
04-10-17 Category: Depression

The WHO estimates that more than 300 million people across the globe struggle with depression in their daily lives, which is equal to 4.4 percent of the world’s population. In fact, between 2005 and 2015, a surge of more than 18 percent has been reported in the number of people living with depression. Considering these […]

Acknowledging disorder, getting treatment is key to fighting depression
03-16-17 Category: Depression

Living in a socio-cultural set-up where the mere expression of vulnerability is viewed as a sign of weakness often tends to heighten the stigma surrounding depression. In fact, even near and dear ones, including family members, often don’t prioritize depression treatment as they would in the case of physical illnesses. Eight years ago, Adam, then […]

Older people, chronic disease, depression
01-18-17 Category: Addiction, Depression, Mental Health

Disease, dementia, problems getting around: These are things associated with aging. But problem drinking? Isn’t that a problem of younger people? No. As the National Institute on Aging warns, anyone at any age can have a problem with alcohol. Alarmingly, a new study from the University of Georgia at Athens (UGA) has found that older […]

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