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Long-term marijuana use
05-11-16 Category: Advocacy, Research, Substance Abuse

People who smoke pot four or more days a week drop in social class, earn less money and lead lives nowhere near as satisfying as their parents or their marijuana-abstaining peers. To be blunt, chronic cannabis use keeps users broke. This article examines the socioeconomic repercussions from the endless bong hit. From birth to 38 […]

rich outlive poor

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor … and believe me, rich is better.” – Attributed to Sophie Tucker. Certainly, there’s advantages to being rich – something few people would contest. A wealthy person can simply afford a higher quality of life. Opportunities for travel, wider options for leisure and comfort, fewer worries – or […]

curbed drug paraphernalia retailers
04-29-16 Category: Advocacy, Substance Abuse

The 2015-16 legislative session of the California State Legislature should be an eventful one for marijuana and its industry. The first four days of the session saw the introduction of a total of 166 new bills, amendments of numerous other bills and the release of Gov. Jerry Brown’s FY 2016 budget plan. Given the marijuana […]

mental health apps
04-20-16 Category: Advocacy, Mental Health, Treatment

We live in a tech-savvy world where our cell phones are becoming out third appendage and we are using technology to get through life instead of our street smarts. Most drivers in the United States rely on GPS navigation systems and, without these technological advances, we might not have a clue as to which freeway […]

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