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In an attempt to minimize the deaths from substance abuse, a new California bill, which has cleared the State Assembly and is expecting clearance on the Senate floor, may pave the way for the opening of statewide centers, where people can inject heroin in a safe and hygienic way. On the lines of a monitored […]

08-08-17 Category: Advocacy, Empowerment

The U.S. Senate passed Jessie’s Law (S. 581) in a marathon session held on Aug. 3, 2017, before the legislators broke for their summer recess. The bill, which was passed by unanimous consent, mandates the inclusion of information about a consenting patient’s opioid addiction history in individual medical records, which can then be shared with […]


The revised health care bill by the Trump administration, Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 (BCRA), popularly known as Trumpcare, faced a major setback when two more Republican senators, Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas, and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, confirmed on July 17, 2017, that they would not be backing it. The bill, hailed […]

07-10-17 Category: Advocacy, Media, News and Announcements

“Whoever you are, whatever your health care needs – We are your Health Net,™” is precisely what one sees on the home page of the Los Angeles-based insurance provider, Health Net, Inc. Being one of the largest insurance providers in the state of California, Health Net is not only responsible for ensuring health coverage that […]


“Hey there! Fancy a hit of the great Smoochy Woochy Poochy?” whispers a menacing-looking street drug dealer, stepping over used needles in a dingy alleyway. “Or maybe a bit of Purple Rain or some Scooby Snacks,” he says, while attempting to allure passersby. As the sun sets in one of the most notorious neighborhoods of […]

New legislation in L.A. Intoxicated and mental health patients need specialized centers, not emergency rooms
02-01-17 Category: Addiction, Advocacy, Mental Health

People experiencing an acute overdose, substance withdrawal symptoms or other life-threatening conditions usually are rushed to emergency rooms (ERs). In Los Angeles County, according to the present law, paramedics need to take patients with drug or alcohol-related conditions or psychiatric symptoms to an ER where they may have to wait for hours or days for […]

Nevada proposes cut in mental health budget due to dip in demand for services
02-01-17 Category: Advocacy, Mental Health

The government at national, state and local levels are taking various measures to fight the growing problem of mental illnesses in the United States. However, an issue bigger than this is not getting access to mental health care services. According to the Mental Health America (MHA), in 2014, over half of American adults suffering from […]

Washington legislative panel recommends improvements in state mental care system
01-20-17 Category: Advocacy, Mental Health

A bipartisan committee of Washington legislators recently sent a letter to Gov. Jay Inslee with recommendations on how to improve the state’s beleaguered mental health care system. The Select Committee on Quality in State Hospitals, comprising eight members, outlined several problems faced by two state hospitals in Washington, including: Discharge delays Long waiting time for […]


In light of the booming trend of substance abuse among attorneys, Sovereign Health’s Chief Clinical Officer Anthony Mele, Psy.D., is launching a presentation about personality traits and substance abuse in the legal profession on Jan. 17 in Costa Mesa, California. “It’s an epidemic among attorneys, a serious problem,” said Dr. Mele, who has 25 years […]

Pot legalization what it means for San Clementians
01-13-17 Category: Advocacy, Substance Abuse

Now that Prop 64 ­– the measure to legalize recreational marijuana – has passed and legal possession and use for those older than 21 has gone into effect, what does that mean for local San Clemente business and homeowners? What can parents and community members expect in 2017? The law on dispensaries While Proposition 64 […]

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