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11-06-17 Category: Addiction Treatment

Insisting on stringent measures to curb the influx of Mexican heroin, including its synthetic analogs like fentanyl, into American territory, United States Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan has said that the nation is “critical of a dip in opium poppy eradication.” Sullivan said this the day the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) released the […]

11-01-17 Category: Addiction, Addiction Treatment

In a bid to combat the soaring rates of opioid-related fatalities in the United States, first responders and public health officials across the country equip themselves with overdose reversal medicine naloxone, marketed under the brand name Narcan. However, a new study by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston suggested that 10 percent […]

09-19-17 Category: Addiction Treatment

Millions of Americans fall prey to addiction to alcohol or other illicit drugs each year. Regrettably, 1.4 percent of them make it to a rehab, only after hitting rock bottom. Addiction leads to distinct thinking patterns in individuals with a substance use disorder (SUD), which enables them to continue abusing drugs despite the negative and […]


The Justice Department (JD) headed by the Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stopped the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from acting on more than two dozen applications for marijuana cultivation for research purposes. However, acting DEA Administrator, Chuck Rosenberg, confirmed that he stands by his assertions to support marijuana-related research. It has been a year since […]


In an attempt to minimize the deaths from substance abuse, a new California bill, which has cleared the State Assembly and is expecting clearance on the Senate floor, may pave the way for the opening of statewide centers, where people can inject heroin in a safe and hygienic way. On the lines of a monitored […]


As part of the ongoing federal war on drug, Attorney General Jeff Sessions inaugurated a Department of Justice pilot program in Ohio, one of the states hit hard by the opioid epidemic, on Aug. 3, 2017. The program will focus on investigating the opioid-related scams and frauds in the health care industry across the United […]


Colombia, once infamously branded as the cocaine capital of the world, has been working for years to rectify the damage caused to its reputation at the global level. In 2000, “Plan Colombia,” a massive military and diplomatic initiative, funded by the U.S., did seem to introduce drastic changes across the drug-ravaged nation. The aim was […]


The United States is grappling with a deadly opioid epidemic, causing a surge in the number of overdoses and associated fatalities. Opioid overdoses are happening not only along the borders and crime-ridden alleyways but also in every nook and cranny of concrete high-rises and bustling metropolises. According to a recent report published by the Blue […]

06-20-17 Category: Addiction Treatment, Rehabilitation

Anthony McPartlin, one of the biggest names in British television for shows, such as “Britain’s Got Talent (BGT)” and “I’m A Celebrity,” has acknowledged that he is addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol. 41-year-old McPartlin, one half of the hugely popular presenter duo Ant & Dec, admitted to his battle with substance abuse resulting from […]

06-07-17 Category: Addiction, Addiction Treatment, Treatment

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has warned police officers and first responders of a new threat posed by the ongoing drug abuse crisis rampant across the country. Speaking at the headquarters of the DEA in Arlington, Virginia, on June 6, Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg alerted law enforcement officers and paramedics nationwide about the dangers […]

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