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Insurance Verification Associate – Substance Abuse and Mental Health

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Job Description:

Reporting to the Director of Admissions, the Insurance Verification Associate assists the admissions team in verifying the insurance information of patients prior and during admission.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Communicates with the admissions team on gaining patient information regarding the verification of their insurance benefits.

2. Completes all necessary paperwork and contact insurance companies/third parties to gain accurate information in determining whether the patient is eligible for insurance coverage.

3. Is knowledgeable about the insurance coverage that Sovereign Health accepts and different types of policies.

4. Reports information back to the admissions team within agreed time frames.

5. Adheres to company policies and procedures and standard operating procedures.

6. Attends meetings as required and works closely with colleagues sharing new information with regards to insurance companies.

7. Other duties in relation to insurance verification as requested by the Admissions Director.

Qualifications and Experience :

The Insurance Verification Associate should be a high school graduate or possess a GED. They should have good, clear communication skills in working with their colleagues and outside agencies. Attentive to details and able to work effectively with minimal supervision, the Verification Associate will also have good computer skills.

Skills and Competency:

The Candidate must have the skills and competency to communicate with people of all levels of the organization, patients and external agencies. They must be agreeable and professional whilst being able to gather information and refer it to the appropriate member of the team. Accurate information gathering is essential as is the ability to work to tight deadlines and prioritize conflicting demands whilst working effectively.

Has the ability to listen actively when spoken to and effectively communicate their thoughts to others. Is sensitive to religious, ethnic and cultural differences in others and show respect and empathy. Is able to work alone but also as a team with fellow staff in the business setting and actively seek out advice and/or guidance in order to solve problems. The Candidate will have good time management skills and actively seek to accomplish tasks and be able to use a variety of methods and ideas to solve problems; whilst also being open to suggestions from others in order to find solutions.

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