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Case Manager – Substance Abuse and Mental Health

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Reporting to the Clinical Supervisor or other designated supervisor, the Case Manager provides ongoing professional, technical and clinical expertise/support with a focus on coordination of care and individual patient needs. Case Managers are a vital part of the treatment team whose overall objective is to enhance the quality of patient management, treatment and satisfaction. This goal is achieved by facilitating a smooth and efficient continuity of care for patients, helping the patient maximize their treatment efficacy and experience, facilitating consistent family involvement (as applicable) and providing treatment coordination support. The overall goal of this position is to enhance the quality of patient care and satisfaction by promoting continuity of care and cost effectiveness. This position is expected to work closely with Sovereign Health Extended Care services as well as clinical and business development functions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Meets face to face with each individual patient on a Case Manager’s case load for at least 45 minutes per week to review treatment, discharge plans and other patient and clinical concerns. Completes weekly updates on the patient census, as well as updates on any changes.
  • Serves as primary point of contact for patients to coordinate their treatment while at Sovereign Health, including both internal and external appointments and support needs. Is responsible for obtaining reports from outside professionals (referring physician, hospital, treatment facility, etc.).
  • Serves as the clinical point of contact for patient families during the course of treatment at Sovereign Health. Communicates with patients’ families at a frequency of at least once per week (as appropriate, based on existing Releases of Information (ROIs)) in order to update families on clinical care, treatment and discharge planning.
  • Provides support for the Clinical Treatment Team by facilitating groups and/or other clinical needs, as determined by the Clinical/ Program Directors. Facilitates the weekly new patient orientation group, as well as a Life Skills Group and other programming.
  • Coordinates and implements discharge planning, with involvement/input from the Clinical Team, patient and patient’s family (as applicable), whilst considering the personal and clinical needs of the patient.
  • Reviews and finalizes appointments for patients’ discharge plans. (This is a scheduled appointment during the 3rd week of treatment).
  • Coordinates initial and follow-up medication appointments with medication liaisons.
  • Provides referrals and assistance in filling out forms for disability and other community and social support programs.
  • Acts as clinical liaison for referral sources (provides updates on admission and discharge information to referral source). Maintains active files and networks for community referrals.
  • In coordination with the Clinical Treatment Team, arranges for the transfer of care to other facilities, if or when necessary, during a patient’s course of treatment at Sovereign Health. This would include transfers to higher levels of care, as clinically requested/required.
  • Maintains regular charting and notes in Sovereign Health’s electronic medical records system (Sigmund) on patient meetings and case management efforts. Is responsible for confidentiality of all records and information as required by law.
  • Provides a schedule and information to patients for upcoming appointments (when available).
  • Attends a Clinical Staffing meeting each week and be actively involved in the case review and discussion process.
  • Assists with crisis-management as and when necessary.
  • Conducts other activities as required or requested by the Program Director or designated supervisor.
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