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mental health treatment centers, treatment centers for mental health
03-29-18 Category: Behavioral Health

mental health treatment centers, treatment centers for mental health

Health Net, one of the biggest names in California’s health care insurance industry, has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Recently, it has been slapped with a slew of lawsuits – non-payment of claims, fraudulent business practices and violation of the False Claims Act (FCA). Now, to add to the insurance giant’s woes, a group of 11 senators led by Democrat Jon Tester from Montana and Republican Mike Crapo from Idaho has urged the Department of Veterans Affairs to take action against the insurance firm for mismanagement of the veterans’ program.

The senators have written to Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, saying that they’re “fed up” with the inefficient manner in which Health Net manages the health care programs for veterans. The senators reiterated that in the wake of the current situation, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) would ultimately be held responsible for the whole mismanagement by Health Net.

Criticizing the poor performance of Health Net, the senators said that providers in their respective states, which deal with the insurance company, often face huge delays in receiving their reimbursements. “Our home state providers deserve better than the miserable customer service provided to them by Health Net, which appears to be devoting even less attention to the Choice Program as its expiration nears,” the senators mentioned in a letter dated March 12, 2018.

Despite repeated interventions through lengthy calls, emails, and plenty of paperwork, the senators alleged that health care providers fail to receive their payments on time. The providers which offer life-saving treatment to veterans are often left frustrated with such avoidable experiences, which have caused immense damage to the VA’s reputation in recent years. Further, the senators urged the VA to act immediately to improve provider experience, and rebuild public trust destroyed by Health Net.

Delay in insurance payments hampering mental health services

There have been several instances in the past in which Health Net did not pay providers on time, creating troubles for mental health care facilities to keep up with the rising cost of the procedures. Care providers’ financial problems keep on increasing owing to Health Net’s common practice of not clearing dues of the patients.

According to the 2017 report of Mental Health America (MHA), more that 40 million individuals in the U.S. struggle with a mental health disorder. It is sad to note that 56 percent of adults battling mental ailments lack access to any kind of support or treatment facility. And, many individuals with a mental problem are unable to get treatment due to lack of coverage. In the light of such a crisis, experts have sounded the alarm about the plight of health coverage in the states of California, Illinois and New York, which have engaged in aggressive health coverage expansion in recent years.

Mental health problems are treatable

With the changing times, the key to eliminate the stigma associated with such conditions is awareness of the disorders. People should be encouraged to seek help immediately for mental disorders or addiction, just as they would do so in the case of physical health problems.

Sovereign Health of California offers a variety of customized treatments for all kinds of mental disorders as well as any underlying health condition. Patients can opt for individual and group psychotherapy, or alternative therapies to regain control of their lives. Our residential mental health treatment centers in California are among the best in the nation. If you or your loved one is struggling with any mental health ailment, call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with our representative for our excellent treatment centers for mental health.

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