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02-21-13 Category: Behavioral Health, Dual Diagnosis

We are all born with hopes, dreams, and visions for our future, however sometimes in life unexpected events can occur that take us off the path we once visioned ourselves to be on and it takes us further away from our hopes, dreams, and visions to make them less of a reality.  Some of these barriers to our hopes, dreams, and visions from becoming reality can be depression, anxiety, traumas that have occurred in our life or other mental health conditions creating these barriers.  When these challenges have occurred, sometimes an addiction will come into one’s life, and that addiction can further create barriers to take away the trust, hope, and faith that may have been projected onto these dreams.

Then, these hopes become replaced by fears, increased anxiety, increased depression, a life that has become unmanageable and fragmented with shame and guilt, and living a life with major struggles and problems in areas that once had assigned value leaving a feeling of overwhelm.  In combination of addiction with clinical depression, clinical anxiety, or other mental health conditions, this can feel incredibly heavy and sometimes feel hopeless creating fear of making the needed changes to live a more fulfilled, satisfied, and free life.

Receiving Treatment

Help With Anxiety

Help With Anxiety

Receiving treatment for dual diagnosis and getting help with anxiety can allow someone to learn tools to experience fulfillment, satisfaction, and freedom as well as learn to detach from dependency that can be withholding positive states of being and having self-esteem and adequate perceptions of self-worth.  It is important in recovery to know you are not alone.  There are other people who experience the same feelings, thoughts, behaviors, struggles, and the same hope for a better future.  At Sovereign Health, our team is here to support you and help attain tools for that freedom to detach from dependency.

You can gain the possibility of a new way of looking at life with different skills and insights to manage triggers, cravings, and emotions; enabling different choices and outcomes.  By contacting Sovereign Health now and scheduling an evaluation, you will be one step closer to your goals and recovery process.  One step closer to the freedom you deserve.

Watch a video from Sovereign Health about getting help with anxiety and being overwhelmed in life:

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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