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Breaking free from vicious cycle of social anxiety

“I know I’ll look stupid in the party”, “Is everyone laughing at me?”, “I hope I at least get this one right,” were some of many anxious thoughts plaguing Amanda (name changed) of San Bruno, California. The fear being evaluated negatively in different situations triggered tremendous anxiety, which forced the 15-year-old high school student to […]

Gaining weight has made me happy, says UK blogger who battled eating disorders

Since her childhood, 24-year-old blogger Danica Marjanovic of Belfast struggled with body dysmorphia and never felt comfortable with the way she looked. At that stage of her life, Marjanovic had reached a point where dieting to lose weight became her sole focus. The blogger didn’t realize she was entering a dangerous territory, where she would […]

09-04-17 Category: Behavioral Health

Millions of Americans nationwide are affected by wide ranging mental health conditions every year. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), almost one in five adults in the United States experiences mental illness in a given year. Moreover, to add to the woes, the non-existence of behavioral health data in electronic health records […]


All individuals go through bouts of stress and anxiety from time to time, but for teens, who face hurdles while transitioning from their school years to the challenges of university life, the college environment and surroundings, fear of the unexpected, frequent occasions of stress, and other uncommon experiences can greatly increase the risk of developing […]

07-11-17 Category: Addiction, Behavioral Health, Treatment

“Two substance abuse treatment facilities in California refused to admit my son,” said a distraught Gary Millman of Santa Rosa, California, whose son was struggling with heroin addiction. “The moment they learnt that he had a Health Net policy, they wouldn’t touch him. The facilities don’t know if Health Net would come through on paying […]

03-09-17 Category: Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse

Opioid overdoses are a reality in California. The menace is affecting bustling metropolises across the Golden State. Just like their fellow countrymen in other parts of the United States, Californians are witnessing a sharp increase in the number of overdose-related visits to the emergency rooms statewide. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), data indicates […]


Alcohol is a staple at many holiday parties. Christmas festivities might seem incomplete without a little eggnog, while it’s common for champagne to be handed out close to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Alcohol abuse is common during the holidays, as is relapse for those in recovery from alcohol addiction. According to the National Institute […]


Microbes rule, according to Yale microbiologist Jo Handelsman, Ph.D., associate director for science at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy — and she isn’t kidding. “Microbes really run the world we live in — every aspect of it,” Handelsman recently explained. “People don’t know that when they crave chocolate, one of the […]

Duchenne muscular dystrophy
04-06-16 Category: Behavioral Health

Variations in our genes are responsible for all of our traits and characteristics that make us unique — whether we have blond hair, blue eyes, or light or dark skin is largely dependent on our genes. Some genetic changes may also be responsible for increasing our susceptibility to certain types of mental illnesses such as […]

siad cuttong on the rise
03-01-16 Category: Behavioral Health

He punches the wall repeatedly after tanking his presentation, fracturing his hand, but he won’t see a doctor; he thinks he deserved it. She picks her scabs raw, marveling at how numb she feels, refusing to let them heal. He bites his nails to the quick and until they bleed, not out of habit but […]