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Learning transcendental meditation helped me cope with anxiety, says Kendall Jenner

Learning transcendental meditation helped me cope with anxiety, says Kendall Jenner

Lying in the lap of luxury with millions of dollars at one’s disposal or having a famous name with an unending fan list may often be viewed as synonymous to a “great life,” but that alone doesn’t ensure happiness. The wealthy, the glamorous, and the famous are in no way immune to mental health problems. In fact, having celebrity status can make a person more prone to common psychiatric ailments like depression and anxiety disorder. Such was the plight of American model and television personality Kendall Nicole Jenner who happens to be the most sought-after face for photoshoots, print ad campaigns and walking the ramp.

Kendall’s ordeal with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks woke her up almost every night, which, according to her, was the downside of fame. While admitting that her lifestyle is indeed extraordinary, she believes it has put her under extreme pressure and responsibilities. Growing up super-fast and dealing with situations, which most 22-year-olds would probably never face in their lives, made her feel crushed with anxious thoughts.

Kendall, who has 86.2 million followers on Instagram, has attempted to keep away from social media platforms to cope with the unwanted anxiety. However, amid her struggles with bouts of anxiety, Kendall said she has found a way to break free from her condition. In a recent interview with Vogue, the model said that she practices transcendental meditation (TM) to help clear her mind of anxious thoughts. TM is a mental technique to detach oneself from anxiety by silently chanting a mantra twice a day for approximately 20 minutes at a time. Kendall said that on the advice of a lady, she decided to take to TM, and she loves it.

According to TM teacher Bob Roth, author of “Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation,” practitioners don’t chant the mantra constantly as in other types of meditation, but they use it to achieve a state of TM. The resulting state of TM is even more profound than deep sleep without the need to make additional efforts or increase one’s concentration.

Leading an anxiety-free life

Although the proponents of TM claim that the practice can lower stress levels and anxiety and enhance creativity, experts feel that the potential benefits are not yet conclusive. Seeking professional treatment involving medication or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or a combination of both is the key to deal with anxiety disorders, the most common mental illness in the U.S. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), nearly 40 million people aged 18 and older suffer from an anxiety disorder every year. The ADAA also reports that though anxiety disorder can be treated, only 36.9 percent of those battling the mental condition receive treatment.

Experiencing persistent anxiety can make an individual feel devitalized, weary and crippled. Viewing anxiety as a sign of being a very concerned and conscience-driven person could actually cause immense damage. Therefore, it is important to eliminate such beliefs that promote worrying as some kind of protection from harm. Additionally, the inescapable shame and stigma associated with anxiety disorders could be one of the most difficult phases of the entire experience, which could further complicate one’s existing condition besides preventing him or her from seeking professional intervention.

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