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04-06-18 Category: Anxiety

Basketball player Jalen Moore admits battling anxiety

When opportunities knock on one’s door, a sudden misfortune can play a big role in preventing an individual from making the best use of the moment. Such is the story of former Utah State and Sky View High star Jalen Moore who dreamt of scaling newer heights in his professional basketball career. Signing the two-way contract with both the Bucks and the Wisconsin Herd of the G-League meant a major breakthrough for Moore, but fate had it otherwise. His growing mental health concerns, especially his struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, quickly forced him to change his plans.

In an essay published recently in The Player’s Tribune, Moore opened up about his daily ordeal with anxiety, and how he had dealt with it in the last few months, particularly after he had decided not to play. Moore described the precise moment when everyone around him felt excited for his new career, but he knew that something was wrong. “But it wasn’t how I was supposed to feel. Even before I hung up the phone, I sensed something wasn’t right with me. I couldn’t feel the tips of my fingers. And my heart was beating out of my chest. It was awful, but strangely familiar. It was all happening again,” said Moore about what he was going through.

The uneasiness that the basketball player experienced was immense as he suffered full-blown panic attacks during flight journeys. Growing inability to fall asleep, decreasing appetite, along with spiraling headaches, worsened the matter for him. In fact, he had reached such a point in life that the only way left to take a break from unproductive thoughts was walking back and forth in his room or staring at the mirror. Lost in his deplorable state of affairs, he finally took to the internet for answers to his problems. When he looked up information on his symptoms, he realized he had a little bit of every possible kind of anxiety.

Moreover, at such a time, Moore didn’t even feel like stepping out in his city because of the stigma about mental health problems. However, he admits that sharing his problems with family helped him push away the huge weight, which was weighing on his shoulders. Moore has one important advice to anyone struggling with anxiety. He recommends finding someone who really cares and to whom one can pour the heart and mind out. “Mental health is real, and can be helped, I don’t think our country talks about it enough. If you have mental health issues, you are not crazy, you are one of many, and every battle can be won!” he wrote.

Leading an anxiety-free life

Anxiety disorders are common in modern society, which seem to be directly linked to the people’s lifestyle and other behaviors. It is important to identify the behavioral factors in order to be able to develop evidence-based strategies to manage existing anxiety-related disorders or prevent such problems in the future. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that at least 40 million adult Americans struggle with an anxiety disorder. More than the existing degree of anxiety itself, the attached stigma is also known to aggravate the condition. Additionally, the likelihood of discrimination arising out of public acknowledgement of anxiety is one of the major deterrents, stopping afflicted individuals from seeking professional help.

If you or your loved one is battling anxiety or any other mental health problem, get in touch with Sovereign Health of California to avail the latest anxiety disorder treatment options by calling our 24/7 helpline or chatting online with one of our representatives. Specialists at our world-class anxiety treatment centers in California are trained to identify the underlying causes and prescribe customized treatments as well as group psychotherapy based on a patient’s requirements.

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