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Christmas isn’t all about drinking

After several months of treatment at a local rehab and painstaking efforts to break free from alcoholism, 23-year-old Greg (name changed) thought he had finally won the battle. But he had not imagined that his recent breakup with his high school sweetheart would make it tough to handle the surge of negative emotions, especially at a time when he had just begun his journey of sobriety. Bumping into old booze buddies at a Christmas-eve party, Greg rekindled past memories of happy days that eventually acted as a relapse trigger. Battling separation blues during Christmas, he soon succumbed to the irresistible allure of the season’s special cocktail, which was glorified on social media. After all, he wanted to have a Merry Christmas come what may.

For the faithful, Christmas marks a time of profound religious significance. However, with rapid commercialization of the Yuletide season globally, the month of December has become synonymous with celebration where people of diverse backgrounds rub shoulders to ward off the winter blues over a choicest array of alcoholic beverages. While merry-making remains an indispensable element of the festivities, alcohol is, undoubtedly, the catalyst to ignite the festive spirit. In a bid to ensure a perfect Christmas celebration, most Americans tend to be a little over ambitious when it comes to partying by overlooking the downsides. They usually end up gulping down too many glasses of cocktails one after the other, waking up the next day with a badly spinning head coupled with an intense hangover.

The truth is Christmas parties are fantastic, but the hangover the next day is not. Struggling with quintessential hangover symptoms such as a heavy forehead, nausea and headache can make someone regret that moment of “joy” when he/she actually went overboard. Not everyone is in a position to experience joy and happiness during Christmas. Some individuals engage in excessive introspection about the shortcomings of life in December, ending up feeling depressed and frustrated. Whereas, others experience immense commercial- and self-induced anxiety to live up to certain societal standards and end up spending a lot of money on gifts and incurring increasing debt. With so much of enticing booze flowing around at this time of the year, the Christmas season prepares the perfect condition for alcohol abuse, especially for those struggling with alcohol use disorder.

Tips for staying sober amid festivities

With flashy liquors, spirits and wines forming the pièce de résistance in most social get-togethers, events and bashes, staying sober can be a daunting task. Here are some tips that can help a person stay away from booze during the festive season:

  • Learning to say “No” to certain occasions can minimize the possibility of a relapse, particularly if someone is a people pleaser, vulnerable to drinking simply to appear more sociable and friendly
  • Creating new traditions to celebrate Christmas, which can help avoid relapses and curb one’s cravings to drink
  • Compiling contact details of support groups and other helplines as an emergency option to use if the pressures of the festive season become unmanageable
  • Establishing useful social media contacts with likeminded individuals facing similar challenges can be an excellent option to show mutual support
  • Scheduling sufficient outdoor activities beforehand to cope with temptations to drink and other overwhelming alcohol-related triggers.

Kicking menace of alcohol addiction

Unfortunately, many people simply assume that once an individual stops drinking or visits a rehab, the problem is over. But that’s not the case. A person, who has undergone treatment for alcoholism, can suffer a relapse after rehab. So the key to staying sober is obtaining the right information on how to safeguard oneself from addiction, while caring for one’s physical as well as mental health.

If you or your loved one is battling alcoholism, which continues to interfere in daily life activities, get in touch with Sovereign Health of San Clemente that offers a variety of customized treatments for alcohol addiction in California. Specialists at our world-class rehab centers for alcohol abuse in California are trained to identify the underlying causes and prescribe effective treatments as well as group psychotherapy based on a patient’s requirements. Call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with one of our representatives for more information.

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