Why Do Drunks Repeat Themselves
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05-27-13 Category: Alcohol Addiction

I am reaching a breaking point with my wife. She has been drinking too much and it is really creating problems in our marriage and for our family.

I guess she was drinking during the day without me knowing. I was at work, the kids were napping, and she was downing wine. She would pass out after a while, and the kids would just be in their cribs. I assume they were crying, and that didn’t wake her up.

Continued Problems 

I came home one day and she was still asleep. I had to wake her up, and she said it was because she didn’t sleep well the night before. I didn’t think much of it.

When it happened again, and for a second I thought that we needed a new mattress, she gave herself away because this time she was still drunk.

Why do drunks repeat themselves?

I have never really understood how you can say something (sometimes even tell a whole story) and then a few minutes later say the exact same thing again.

My wife told me twice that our daughter had a half day of school that Friday. My wife has never done that. It was very out of character for her. A major red flag.

I had to wait to talk to her the next day, because again, why do drunks repeat themselves? By the time we had a conversation, I think she had shamed herself. She was remorseful and didn’t know what to do. We talked, and only argued a bit, surprisingly considering how mad it made me, but we did decide she needed to seek help. I know from family experience that alcoholism is progressive. If she’s getting drunk and repeating herself now, it will only get worse.

Detox And Treatment

We opted for detox and treatment at the same location. Sovereign Health of California offered the services my wife needed. The combination of traditional types of therapy and holistic approaches to healing appealed to my wife, and she loved the idea of being by the beach.

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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