Nutrition Labels On Booze?
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06-20-13 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Will we be able to start reading what is in our beer, wine, and liquor bottles from now on? It’s looking that way.

Alcohol is regulated by The Treasury Department, which has now decided to approve the listing of serving size, servings per container, calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat per serving for beer, wine, and spirits.

Do you think people will read the labels?

Or even care what is in a product they like to drink?

Maybe the labels will show people just how harmful substances are when not used in moderation. If you drink X number of beers, then you know exactly how much you are consuming. When you have X number of cocktails, here is what you are adding to your body, and that’s not even really getting to the matter of the brain affect alcohol has when you over-consume.

Nutrition labels could soon be placed on alcoholic beverages, and I say bring it on! But the regulations state that each drink’s manufacturers can decide for themselves whether labels will include nutritional information.

Calorie Counts

Further, including calorie count and other trivial fad-diet type statistics, we are still not informing alcohol drinkers of the true harm being done. Fat content does not explain the impact alcohol has on your heart. Total carbohydrates do not explain the impact alcohol has on your brain chemistry.

If we are going to label booze, let’s really get the word out about what’s inside that bottle you’re about to open. Let’s let each person decide for himself or herself, after being given all of the information about a product, whether he or she will consume it or not.


We are, after all, the Free to Be You and Me country who takes pride in personal choice and freedom for all, right?

The booze industry is not going bankrupt anytime soon. Putting accurate, honest labels on the products will not stop everyone from spending money on beer, wine, and liquor, but it may help decrease the number of addicted individuals we have left untreated in this world.

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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