Mood A Key Factor In Alcoholism
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05-30-13 Category: Alcohol Addiction

Remember mood rings? How did the ring know? And how did someone determine what chemistry change (based on your body temperature) and subsequent mood ring color meant which mood?

There is an actual explanation for how mood rings work (I Googled it.) When your body feels different emotions, it has physical reactions. For example, when you are happy and feeling passionate, your body temperature increases. When you are stressed or excited (because of worry or fear), your body sends blood to your necessary organs and away from your fingers and toes, so your temperature essentially drops (at least in your ring finger.

Mood As An Indicator

It’s quite interesting to think about mood as a definite indicator. If you are feeling happy then your hands will be a certain temperature, and a bunch of other things are also happening in your body. What about when you are sad or down? A completely different set of physical reactions are occurring.

Can we use mood as an indicator for things other than the color on a ring? What if there was a way to use this gauge for other purposes? What else can mood tell us?

Mood Key Factor

A recent study shows that mood is a key factor in alcoholism. If you are feeling sad or depressed, alcohol can seem like a good option. When alcohol use reaches the point of alcoholism, your mood is bound to be sad and depressed. Is mood a key factor that causes alcoholism or is your mood the result of alcoholism?

If you had your tell-all mood ring on, and it said that you are down and depressed right now, would you turn to alcohol to feel better? Self-medication is when you use a substance to ease the emotions and alleviate any pain that you are feeling. The connection between self-medication and alcoholism is bridged by mood.

Are you convinced that mood is a key factor in alcoholism? I don’t think the ring can answer this one.

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Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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