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Alcohol Addiction
Sharp rise in alcohol-related emergency room visits in US, finds study
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It seems the ongoing opioid epidemic is overshadowing the scourge of alcoholism in the United States, as a recent study has suggested that the emergency room (ER) visits for alcohol intoxication have seen a significant rise in recent years. According to the study published recently in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 2014 saw […]

Christmas isn’t all about drinking
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After several months of treatment at a local rehab and painstaking efforts to break free from alcoholism, 23-year-old Greg (name changed) thought he had finally won the battle. But he had not imagined that his recent breakup with his high school sweetheart would make it tough to handle the surge of negative emotions, especially at […]

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Gone are the days of munching popcorn and sipping carbonated drinks while watching a movie. In a bid to woo patrons back to the cinemas and increase revenues, more and more movie theatres in the United States are now applying for liquor permits to sell alcohol on their premises. In 1997, only 14 theatres nationwide […]

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Despite alcohol being a legal and easily obtainable substance with several negative consequences, the scientific community has not yet fully understood how ethanol produces changes in brain function to promote habitual, uncontrolled use of alcohol and its cravings. A recent discovery by a team of researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) sheds […]

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Under the present circumstances, it is well-known that drinking and driving cannot go together, given the adverse impact of alcohol on motor and coordination skills. However, in the event of unmanned cars hitting American roads, analysts have predicted that it would give a monumental push to alcohol sales as the time spent in driving will […]


Rivulets of sweat ran down her face, as she started feeling the agony and distress. The horrible panic attack had started, yet again. Gasping for breath, she staggered to the dining room and headed straight for the bar, where she made a large drink for herself. Holding a whiskey glass in her trembling hands, she […]


Cocktails have always been popular during parties, occasions or even weekend get-togethers. Mixing alcohol with aerated drinks or fruit juices has always attracted plenty of attention from merrymakers and party animals seeking an extra buzz. Moreover, it is common to see bars, pubs and clubs promoting new cocktails for every single event or occasion. Recently, […]

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Alcohol is an integral part of contemporary American culture. In fact, it is a socially acceptable drug, which has become synonymous with a wide range of activities. Social gatherings, sporting events, shopping fests, rock concerts, innovative promotions, happy hours and even business conferences revolve around the latest brands of alcoholic beverages. People of all ages […]

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Alcohol is a staple at many holiday parties. Christmas festivities might seem incomplete without a little eggnog, while it’s common for champagne to be handed out close to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Alcohol abuse is common during the holidays, as is relapse for those in recovery from alcohol addiction. According to the National Institute […]

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The combination of stressful holidays and difficult family members can create a tough mix to swallow. Recovering substance abusers can be prone to relapse in times of emotional difficulty. Experts provided numerous strategies for handling this time of year, such as thinking ahead, prioritizing obligations and other techniques. Peter R. Martin, M.D., a professor of […]