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Are top spirit brands moving away from Twitter?
04-24-18 Category: Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Addiction

Are top spirit brands moving away from Twitter?

It appears that several spirit brands are deserting Twitter. A recent study by drinks specialist marketing agency YesMore shows that over 42 percent of the top 100 spirits and liqueur brands haven’t tweeted from their accounts in the past one month. The research also suggested that 32 percent of the brands haven’t posted any tweet in the past three months, while around 21 percent haven’t tweeted for more than a year. Such spirit brands include Diageo, Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, Beam Suntory, Campari Group, William Grant & Sons and Brown Forman.

A quick glance at the YesMore Agency data shows that the global account for Beefeater gin last tweeted on March 20, 2017, while Smirnoff Europe, Bacardi, and Grey Goose tweeted thrice or less since the start of 2018. Experts at YesMore believe that some brands may have moved over to other social media platforms or altogether diverted their efforts from networking sites without notifying their followers.

Insights from the industry reveal that alcohol advertisers like Diageo are reserving Twitter budget for bigger brands such as Captain Morgan and Johnnie Walker. Although the Haig Club owned by Diageo last tweeted on March 29, 2018, it continued to post original content on Facebook and Instagram. “Advertisers are simply getting overwhelmed with places which they are supposed to post content, and the days of getting the intern to do it are long gone,” said Tom Harvey, new client director at YesMore.

Facebook, Instagram being preferred

Although Twitter has been a good customer service platform, alcohol advertisers have been cautious of using it as a core platform to market their brands. Experts cite challenges in reaching out to a younger audience as the principal reason for exercising such caution. In recent years, with growing media budgets, platforms like Facebook and Instagram seem to be the top choices as they offer superior privacy controls, according to Mike Harris, senior social strategist at AnalogFolk, which earlier partnered with Pernod Ricard.

However, the decline in Twitter activity of major alcohol brands in the U.S. doesn’t translate into a drop in sales or a fall in alcohol consumption rates. It only signifies that brands are moving away to other communication platforms that offer greater outreach and visibility, which, in turn, maximize alcohol sales. Alcohol is the most widely used addictive substance in the U.S., with more than 15 million Americans aged 12 and above battling the consequences of alcohol use disorder (AUD). In recent years, the number of people succumbing to liver diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), hepatitis C, and cirrhosis has reached alarming proportions. The American Liver Foundation (ALF) says that alcoholism is the major cause of cirrhosis nationwide. In such a situation, professional alcohol dependence treatment is the only way to address the issue.

Leading an alcohol-free life

Alcohol enjoys an esteemed position in American society and wields a strong influence over the people, shaping their cultures and lifestyles. It is the unofficial anti-depressant that claims to hold the key to any problem in society, but the detrimental outcomes often emerge in the long run. Each year, about 88,000 alcohol-related deaths were reported nationwide, making the substance the third leading preventable cause of death in the country.

Fortunately, alcohol addiction can be treated. If you or your loved one is looking for the best programs in California, look no further than Sovereign Health of San Clemente that offers a variety of customized treatments at its world-class alcohol rehab centers. Our clinicians identify the underlying causes of the ailments and prescribe tailor-made therapies based on a patient’s requirements. You can call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with our representative for our state-of-the-art alcohol detox centers to embark on the journey to wellness.

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