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Alcohol Abuse
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Those who know her since her twenties never had the slightest suspicion that there was so much happening in her life. It was tough to imagine that the 36-year-old Charlotte Crawford (name changed) of Palm Springs was one of the unfortunate victims of alcohol until she set foot on the path to recovery. What began […]


Rivulets of sweat ran down her face, as she started feeling the agony and distress. The horrible panic attack had started, yet again. Gasping for breath, she staggered to the dining room and headed straight for the bar, where she made a large drink for herself. Holding a whiskey glass in her trembling hands, she […]

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Findings of a new research conducted by a group of scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have highlighted the need to develop personalized treatments for individuals struggling with alcoholism and alcohol use disorder (AUD). The study, published recently online in The Journal of Neuroscience, unravels a striking difference between the brain structures of alcohol-dependent […]


As we celebrate International Women’s Day this March 8, there is no denying the fact that millennial women are so empowered that despite all odds, their achievements are exponential – be it in social, cultural, economic or political sectors. Worldwide, women are emerging as change makers, trendsetters and leaders for a better tomorrow. While this […]