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Court services offered at Sovereign Health

Addiction and mental health disorders are similar to other chronic diseases: Treating them takes time, their symptoms are complex, and relapses are common. Unfortunately, they are also different in one important way: People with these diseases often conflict with the law.

The actions of a mentally ill person are often misinterpreted – people with psychosis are much more a threat to themselves than they are to others. Meanwhile, addiction’s behaviors often spur patients to engage in illegal activities to obtain their substances, the possession of which is often illegal. Encounters with law enforcement can be particularly difficult – as well as dangerous – for people dealing with untreated mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Sovereign Health of California recognizes that some of its patients have difficulties beyond medical and mental issues, so we provide court services for patients who need legal help.

What we do

Legal problems can come in a variety of ways. Patients who are addicted to alcohol may have racked up DUI charges or other misdemeanors related to their drinking. Someone addicted to illegal drugs may have charges that are more serious. Regardless of the severity, many people trapped by addiction and mental illness often have legal obligations springing from their conditions.

Our court services program can help. We can provide documents the court requests, including letters and court reports. Sovereign can also conduct mental evaluations, write progress letters and provide court-ordered drug and alcohol testing. We seek to help our patients to the best of our ability.

Treatment over prison

Seeking treatment can be a wise decision after an arrest. Judges and juries often look favorably on individuals who start a treatment regimen before going to trial. Rehab might be the thing that shifts a sentence from imprisonment to probation. Some courts will even use alternative sentencing programs involving drug treatment instead of jail time. Every individual should discuss decisions these kinds of decisions with their attorney.

Potential legal benefits aside, getting treatment is a great idea, period. Untreated mental health and substance use disorders make lives spiral out of control. Treatment not only brings life back into control, it also lessens the chance of further run-ins with the law.

Sovereign Health of California accepts adult men and women aged 18 and older at our Los Angeles, Palm Desert and San Clemente locations. A healthier life can begin today. Call our 24/7 helpline for more information.

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