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Admission For Patients & Families

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The prospect of entering a behavioral health treatment center can be daunting for patients as well as their families. Sovereign Health knows this, which is why make the process as easy as possible and encourage families to play a strong role in the recovery of their loved ones.

The admissions process

We like to get to know our patients as well as possible before treatment starts. A clinical interview is the first step. During the interview, we ask our patients about their background, their family and any symptoms related to their problems they’re currently experiencing. Although most of this information is in the patient’s medical records, hearing about it from their perspective helps us begin to tailor an individualized treatment plan.

Next, we conduct multiple assessments of our patients’ intellectual strengths and weaknesses, as well as a personality test. As we do this, we also observe their habits and behaviors. Knowing what habits and behaviors need to change in order for treatment to be effective also helps us to create a treatment plan. The personality assessment allows us the best possible view of a patient’s mindset and character.

Finally, every patient receives a full medical checkup from a physician. During the checkup, the physician will record every patient’s complete medical history. Knowing about any preexisting conditions and any other conditions that may run in the family contributes to our treatment plan and allows us to head off any potential complications. Part of this process includes a tuberculosis test for the safety of both patients and staff. During a Mantoux tuberculin skin test, a small amount of tuberculin protein is injected under the patient’s skin. If they have been exposed to tuberculosis, a small red bump will develop at the injection site.

The role of family in treatment

Sovereign Health of California encourages every patient’s family to take an active role in their loved one’s recovery. Families can act as a safety net and make a major difference in the lives of patients. There are several ways families help patients:

  • Families provide positive support for the person in treatment
  • Families are a vital source of information and communication with Sovereign’s support teams
  • Families attend both therapy sessions and weekend group sessions

Because Sovereign recognizes the importance of family in treatment, we want to make it as easy as possible for families to get involved with the treatment of their loved one – provided you give us consent to. With your consent, we’ll involve you in the following ways:

  • We provide you with updates
  • We invite you to participate in weekly family meetings
  • We’ll involve you in discharge planning after treatment ends

Our case managers act as the vital link between patients and families, and will generally be the Sovereign representative who families will speak to most often.

Family programs at Sovereign Health of California

Each of Sovereign Health’s four California locations handles family therapy differently:

  • Los Angeles: Family group sessions are held every Saturday; the intensive family program meets once a month.
  • Palm Desert: Family group sessions are held on the third weekend of every month for both our regular patients and male patients participating in our Personal Recovery Integrating Men’s Experiences (PRIME) program for men aged 40 and up.
  • San Clemente: A family group program is held every other weekend on Friday and Saturday. Patients in our eating disorders program have family sessions on Saturdays.
  • San Diego: Patients in Sovereign’s residential program for adolescents engage in family therapy one or two times a week as needed. Intensive family support sessions are offered every month every month.

What is the intensive family program?

Held over two days, our intensive family program consists of workshops, education, therapy sessions and support groups. These interactive sessions help repair and maintain family relationships strained by addiction and/or mental disorders, as well as helping both patient and family heal.

Families learn about mental health and substance abuse disorders, as well as how these disorders can affect them as well as the patient. These programs frequently include activities such as:

  • Clinical presentations by Sovereign staff
  • Setting goals for both family and patient
  • Talk therapy for the patient, group and family

Although the programs are free and meals are provided, transportation and lodging are the responsibility of the programs’ guests.

Sovereign’s recovery management services

Transitioning into a newly sober life isn’t easy – addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. We understand the challenges our patients face when they leave their care, which is why our alumni program offers support to patients who have completed treatment.

Families also can take advantage of alumni services, too. Our alumni program offers sober events such as celebrations, meetings and short trips. We also provide support and information family members can use to help their loved one maintain sobriety.

To learn more about how we can help please contact our 24/7 helpline.

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