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Right to try bill reaches President’s desk; new hope for terminally ill
05-28-18 Category: Addiction

Right to try bill reaches President’s desk; new hope for terminally ill

The “Right to try” bill, which aspires to provide terminally ill patients the access to potentially life-saving treatment options and/or experimental drugs, years before they are available in the market, is now at President Donald Trump’s desk. The bill was passed with a 250-169 vote on May 22, 2018 by the Congress.

Each year, over 1 million Americans lose their lives to terminal illnesses. While most of these patients have already spent years either seeking a cure or trying to get accepted into a clinical trial, at times, the only alternative left for them is to try experimental medicines, which are awaiting FDA approval. Often, such medicines comprise illegal drugs like marijuana and psychedelic drugs, such as MDMA and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and the use of these drugs might be a violation of the federal law.

Doctor’s approval needed to try experimental medicine

The bill would allow critically ill individuals, who have exhausted approved treatment options and are unable to participate in clinical trial themselves, to approach a physician in good standing with a licensing board who would certify their access to unapproved medical products like marijuana and MDMA. However, those needing the experimental treatments will still require a doctor’s approval.

Earlier this year, during his State of the Union address, President Trump had shared his support for the bill by stating that patients with terminal illnesses “should have immediate access to experimental treatments that could potentially save their lives.”

According to Starlee Coleman from the Goldwater Institute, one of the companies supporting the legislation, the new federal legislation would allow critically ill patients meeting the criteria to work directly with their doctors and a drug company. The legislation would also allow patients to save time by eliminating the FDA application requirements. At present, the right-to-try laws exist in 40 U.S. states.

False hope for many

According to the advocates of the bill, the new legislation would allow more patients to use substances available through limited trials and unregulated therapy sessions. However, the critics of the legislation seem to have a different say in the matter. As per them, the new legislation only gives critically ill ‘a false hope’ of getting access to drugs that they can obtain through an existing FDA policy.

Further, the legislation would not grant the terminally ill real rights but mere permissions to get an experimental drug from a pharmaceutical company. Even if a patient is successful in obtaining the permissions, he/she would still have to bear the treatment cost. Moreover, nothing in the legislation would make it mandatory for these corporations to grant these medications. Some of the reasons for these companies to withhold their decision might include unavailability of insurance programs that cover experimental treatments and the high cost of experimental drugs/treatments. Additionally, making the experimental drugs and/or treatments also exposes the companies to potential lawsuits in case the drugs and/or treatments prove ineffective.

The critics also argued that the legislation would eliminate the role of the FDA, thereby, removing the need for consulting it on dosing schedule and other important safety measures.

Holistic care for addiction-related disorders

According to a research, when administered in a supervised setting, single or brief drug treatment sessions with psychedelic drugs, such as MDMA and LSD, have shown to be effective in treating mental illnesses associated with terminal illness. Despite their usefulness, the use of psychedelic drugs like LSD can lead to dependence and addiction.

If you know someone battling an addiction to psychedelic drugs like LSD and is seeking LSD addiction treatment, get in touch with Sovereign Health’s treatment centers. Basis a patient’s individual need, treatment at Sovereign’s specialized treatment centers in California may combine supervised detox with behavioral and experiential therapies to offer a lasting comprehensive treatment. For more information on our treatment programs or to locate our nearest LSD addiction rehab centers, call our 24/7 helpline number or chat online with a member of our team.

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