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Rare allergies to soar in Canada with cannabis legalization, warn doctors
06-06-18 Category: Addiction

Rare allergies to soar in Canada with cannabis legalization, warn doctors

Canada is all set to legalize cannabis later this year. However, doctors in the country are already anticipating a negative consequence out of it. They believe that a rare form of cannabis allergy is likely to trouble people with symptoms like sniffles or hives, which are also seen in case of pollen allergy.

Dr. Eddy Lang, who supervises emergency rooms in Calgary, said that itching eyes, running nose and sneezing could be the minor symptoms of cannabis allergy and one can be safe by staying away from a setting where marijuana is being used. Lang envisages a rise in the number of such cases, especially after the legalization of cannabis, as more people are likely to try it out.

In certain cases, people develop symptoms after handling cannabis products. There are times when cannabis stored in a bud form in a damp environment grow mould and fungus on it that can cause allergy to sensitive people. However, only in very few cases have people suffered an anaphylactic shock which then necessitates the use of an EpiPen.

Lang also emphasized the need to carefully observe the rare symptoms arising out cannabis allergy like redness and swelling of the skin, tongue, and lips, along with a difficulty in breathing. These are some of the rare symptoms and they indicate a severe allergy to cannabis.

Working in cannabis industry

Dr. William Silvers, a veteran allergist said people who are highly susceptible to developing an allergy to cannabis are the ones who work for the cannabis industry. Dr. Silvers has been investigating the cannabis-related allergy cases in the United States, especially in Colorado where it is legal. He specified that cannabis is a subtle allergen, but in people grappling with conditions like asthma and hay fever, it could irritate the eyes, nose, lungs, and skin, especially when handling the plant at work.

Marijuana legalization will increase the availability of the plant and this might be one of the main factors responsible for the increase in the number of allergy cases. The allergy can be managed by reducing the exposure to the plant, taking antihistamines, topical steroids, and anti-inflammatory drugs and consulting the doctor, if the symptoms of asthma exarcerbate.

Biochemical makeup of cannabis similar to that of tomatoes and hazelnuts

The biochemical makeup of cannabis resembles that of the allergens or proteins present in the tomatoes, hazelnuts, and peaches, according to Medical Director of Addictions Foundation of Manitoba Dr. Ginette Poulin. She said that the similarity is manifested by the fact that the body shows the same immunological reaction of the allergens. However, what troubles her is the fact that the health benefits of cannabis have been extensively publicized, yet, there is a serious dearth of data regarding the pros and cons of cannabis use.

Road to recovery

Irrespective of its medical benefits, marijuana continues to be a schedule I drug under the U.S. federal law. Therefore, extensive research is warranted to establish its medicinal benefits, at the same time, weigh its adverse effects. The long-term effects of marijuana could be debilitating for one’s physical as well as psychological health. Therefore, one must seek timely marijuana addiction treatment.

Marijuana addiction is treatable thoroughly timely medical intervention. So if you are suffering from such an addiction, get in touch with Sovereign Health of California, a state-of-the-art treatment center specializing in the treatment of all major addictions. For more information on our therapeutic programs or to locate our credible marijuana addiction rehab, call at our 24/7 helpline number and speak to an admissions specialist. You can even chat online with a representative for further information.

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