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02-08-18 Category: Addiction, Drug Abuse, Marijuana

‘Lax enforcement, permissive rhetoric and media’ responsible for drug misuse issues in US, says AG Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has blamed media and “permissive rhetoric” for drug misuse issues in the United States. He said this while delivering a speech on Feb.6, 2018 at the Heritage Foundation event. Sessions also talked about his marijuana and drug enforcement moves as part of a list of things being done to “restore the rule of law and the constitutional balance” within the nation.

According to Sessions, lax enforcement, permissive rhetoric and the media have often undermined the need to say no to drug use. He also said that there is a federal law against marijuana and that the government does not think illegal drug use is recreational. He clearly stated, “We are not going to pretend that there is not a law against marijuana. And we’re not going to pretend marijuana is good for you, either. I don’t think it is.”

Addressing the opioid epidemic

During the question and answer round after the speech, Sessions also addressed the existing opioid epidemic. As per him, given the addictive nature of opioids, a huge percentage of heroin addictions often start with prescription drugs and that the prevalent use of marijuana and other drugs have led to a lot of heroin addiction. He added that as per the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the number of heroin addictions is as high as 80 percent.

Sessions also talked about several changes made by the federal government to deal with the crisis, one of which is the scheduling of all fentanyl-related substances on an emergency basis. Given that fentanyl was the number one killer in the U.S., “scheduling and restricting” all forms of this drug will make prosecuting drug traffickers easier.

Earlier this month, Sessions had indicated that as a step to limit opioid prescriptions, the DEA will now ask each practitioner if they had received continuing medical education on prescribing or dispensing opioids while getting their license renewed or applying for a fresh one. He also said that the agency would send targeted information to the doctors about the opioid epidemic, prescriber education and FAQs about prescribing via e-mail. Such information will also include the CDC’s latest guidelines on prescribing opioids to avoid accidental over-prescription.

Marijuana legalization movement a bane

Known to be the nation’s most vocal critic of marijuana use and a keen opponent of its legalization, Sessions has often blamed the marijuana legalization movement and restructuring of drug laws as the main culprit behind the growing number of overdose deaths in the nation.

As per the latest federal reports, recent years have witnessed an increase in the number of deaths caused due to drug overdoses across the country that have reduced the average life expectancy for Americans for the second consecutive year.

In a speech made last month at a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) graduation ceremony, Sessions said that recent years have also witnessed a reduction of support for anti-drug law enforcement, in Congress, state legislatures and even among the general public, and a redirect of resources that not only led to a decrease in drug prices but also an increase in drug purity as well as addiction and overdose cases throughout the nation.

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