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03-22-17 Category: Addiction

Languishing behind bars, his mind becomes a battlefield of raging emotional conflicts that have destroyed his self-worth. The very thought of a lashing cane sends shudders down his spine. Coupled with incessant cravings for drug, Adewale Adebayo (name changed) becomes more anxious and depressed.

Hallucinations run wild as his psyche attempts to shield itself from an intense fear of complete physical and mental breakdown. Thrown into the abyss of despair, suicidal tendencies loom large over the former research scholar at the Lagos State University. Adebayo, 23, from Kano, Nigeria was sent to 15 years in prison with 15 strokes of cane on charges of possessing a small amount of cannabis.

Studies have shown that penalizing an individual with addiction or inflicting pain on him or her will not save him or the society from the clutches of addiction. However, even in the 21st century, there are several countries in the world where people with substance abuse or anyone caught for possessing drugs can attract the harshest possible penalties. Punishments for use, including possession of drugs, may range from caning, whipping to life imprisonment or even death.

In many African countries such as Nigeria, having any amount of cannabis, cocaine, heroin or any other illegal or controlled substance could lead to a jail term of 15 to 25 years. Whereas, in Turkey, similar offenses may call for a prison sentence of eight to 20 years. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) makes it to the ranks of the third sternest nation where anyone caught with drugs could land up in jail for between four and 15 years.

In neighboring Kuwait, even possession of negligible amounts of an illicit substance can end in being imprisoned for life. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, anyone in possession of five to 20 grams of cannabis for the first time may get a minimum of 40 lashes. However, there are nations who take their drug laws to the extremes. Getting caught in Malaysia with more than 15 grams of heroin, and having 25 grams or more of cocaine in Bangladesh, are valid reasons for a death penalty in these countries.

Although the world has made significant progress in several spheres, regrettably, there is still tremendous stigma associated with addiction particularly when it is capable of causing a great deal of harm. People grappling with addiction are often treated in an inhuman way and denied professional treatment.

Every individual is wired for addiction

Every individual has the neurobiological potential to become addicted to any substance. Studies show that when an individual becomes addicted to a drug, stimuli linked to that substance possess the ability to capture his/her attention. As many believe, at the heart of all human effort lies the desire to secure a reward. Every individual’s life is centered around deciding what prize they want and then taking steps to reach their goals.

However, in the sphere of rewards, everybody might not be on the same level. In the case of people with substance abuse, it could be even hard-wired into their gray matter. The bias for drug cues that is generally observed in people with addiction, is actually a normal cogitative process associated with the reward centers in the brain.

Thankfully, not all countries punish drug users with any form of custodial sentences or severe punishments. Since last year, courts in Norway have decided to sentence individuals addicted to drugs to rehabilitation centers for treatment instead of spending time in prison. Despite maintaining that possession of drugs is a criminal offense, Norwegian authorities strongly feel that the law shouldn’t penalize vulnerable addicts without any remorse. In America too, punishment for possessing illegal drugs are not very harsh. The life imprisonment for the offense is rare in the country.

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