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05-18-11 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

There are rare instances of individuals overcoming addiction on their own, without any form of professional assistance. But these are very few and far between and the rate of relapse in such cases is not documented. In a large number of cases, the addiction is merely a symptom of underlying issues, or dual diagnosis problems, which can only be addressed by experienced, qualified professionals in a rehab center.

Rehab centers remove the individual from the living environment that is almost certainly not conducive to achieving a lasting recovery. Sufferers are placed in a safe, controlled environment, away from any other influences which may be contributing to the problem. Individuals are taught skills to help them maintain a drug/alcohol free life in the community, thus reducing the risk of relapse. Rehab also provides 24 hour supervision and support, along with counseling, treatment and therapies designed to address the needs of the individual.

Spending time with fellow addicts, each with their own agenda helps individuals to confide in their peers and share their experiences – making them feel less alone and encouraging recovery.

Rehab is important and we can help!

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