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This show, Teen Mom, on MTV has been in the news a lot because several its cast members have been linked to heavy drug and alcohol use. The newest story: teen mom seekstreatment for heroin addiction.

Jenelle Evans, who was on Teen Mom 2, is apparently back in rehab, this time she checked herself in for issues linked to heroin abuse.

Jenelle’s mom, Barbara walked in on her daughter using heroin and immediately checked Jenelle into rehab last November. That supposedly lasted seventy-two hours; Jenelle left the rehab facility. This time she has reportedly checked herself into a program that will help her get clean.

Teen Mom Drug Use

Teen Mom Drug Use

People close to Jenelle have had mixed things to say. Some friends say that Jenelle has had a tough year and that she is dealing with it as best she can. Her on-again, off-again, and currently on-again boyfriend Gary has supported her by posting on Twitter that Jenelle is “NOT ON DRUGS” along with a paragraph explaining how he knows that.

Other “friends” of the Teen Mom 2 cast member say that Jenelle is trying to hold on to the fame that Teen Mom 2 brought her, so rehab is a way to appease MTV and to show that she is wanting to change her drug-abusing ways. As anyone who has been involved in trying to get an addict into treatment knows, the only way rehab even works is when the individual is doing it for him or herself.

Heroin is not a drug that you can just stop doing one day when you have been using it to the point of addiction. Very rarely does someone dabble in heroin use. If Jenelle was using regularly, and to the point where her mom could walk in on her using, then she made the right choice by seeking professional help. Let’s just hope, for her sake and for the sake of her child and family, that it is for the right reasons.

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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