Suboxone vs. Buprenorphine
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10-20-12 Category: Addiction Treatment

Next up in the ring we have suboxone vs. buprenorphine.

The two battle it out in the world of addiction treatment with experts varying on which is better for newly-sober clients.

Suboxone and buprenorphine both help addicts in early recovery, but what’s the difference? Both help with physical drug cravings, both stop the person from feeling the painful symptoms of withdrawal, and both prevent someone from getting high while taking them. So, if you are going to use a drug while detoxing and going through early recovery, which do you pick and why?

Suboxone Is A Combination

Suboxone is a combination of naltrexone and buprenorphine. Naltrexone is a narcotic. When you stop taking prescription painkillers or using heroin, which are also narcotics, naltrexone alleviates the desire to use, and it doesn’t get you high (when taken as prescribed.)

Buprenorphine is another narcotic that works by decreasing pain in the brain and nervous system. It is up to 50 times stronger than morphine and codeine.

Both drugs trick the brain into thinking that the actual narcotic of choice is in the user’s system.

Because of their chemical formulas, both suboxone and buprenorphine can be abused, so counselors are hesitant to recommend its use. If someone was addicted to Vicodin or heroin, and now they are taking suboxone or buprenorphine everyday, are they really clean? Is an addiction being treated when a similar drug is prescribed to be taken each day?

On The Flip Side

On the flip side, if one pill per day is helping that same person not consume 20 Vicodin pills or not inject large amounts of heroin every day, could that actually be a good thing and we shouldn’t worry about that little bit of narcotic floating through their system?

Should the battle be suboxone vs. buprenorphine, or suboxone/buprenorphine vs. no substances at all? What is actually realistic in the treatment of narcotic addiction?

Have you used suboxone or buprenorphine? What’s your take on the battle of suboxone vs. buprenorphine?

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Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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