Spice (K2) Banned in Oregon and Idaho
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11-19-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

Idaho has now made it illegal to sell, buy and smoke Spice, or K2.  As outlined in previous articles, Spice is marketed as an incense. But no one actually uses it for incense? they use it to get high, much in the same way that people do not buy Nitrous Oxide at head shops to make whipped cream. The use of Spice, not as incense but as a drug, caused the state and local leaders of Idaho to quickly ban the substance.  Why other states have not acted as quickly is something I have been trying to figure out for years.

Governor Butch Otter signed a temporary statewide ban on the chemicals commonly found in Spice ? making Spice/K2 illegal almost overnight.  The swiftness of this legislation in Idaho sparked other legislation in Oregon.

Almost at the same time, the city of Ontario, Oregon banned Spice with an ordinance.  Then the Oregon Board of Pharmacy temporarily banned Spice/K2 statewide, making spice a schedule one controlled substance.  Other states, some say 14 and others say over 20 states, have banned Spice, or K2, but the drug is still legal in some key states ? states that need the ban the most, namely Florida and California, where most of the drug rehabs in the U.S. are located. Why did Oregon ban Spice so quickly after Idaho?

As soon as Idaho banned Spice, or K2, shops started popping up in Oregon, much like the ‘whack-a-mole game’.  The same thing will happen in other states that do not have a ban on Spice already in place.  As with any drug in history, which people have realized they can get high on legally, education and media attention about Spice will create curiosity among the young. Curiosity will lead to more use, more use will lead to more demand and the cycle of a new drug of abuse is created that drug rehabs have to figure out how to treat.  The slower a state is in banning Spice, or K2, the more likelihood that the Spice epidemic will wind up on their doorstep.

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