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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Here at Sovereign Health we consistently strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care and most effective treatment programming. As part of this mission, Sovereign Health has developed a new research program that is designed to ensure that we have the most accurate understanding of our client’s psychological and cognitive functioning upon admission and throughout the treatment process. The clinical team at Sovereign will utilize this program as a treatment tool to help individualize treatment programming and improve each patients cognitive functioning. This newly added component is known as the Sovereign Health Outcomes Program.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The goal of the Outcomes Program is to provide true individualized treatment and encourage both psychological and cognitive rehabilitation for mental health, dual diagnosis, and eating disorder conditions. The Outcomes program begins when a patient admits into one of our three treatment programs. The trained Outcome Program staff member provides a series of program-specific assessments that measure both psychological and mental functioning. This assessment, which only takes about 45 minutes, helps give us an objective look at each patient, further bolstering our comprehensive intake process. The results from these assessments are then transferred into a written report, which allows our clinicians a chance to analyze the results and discuss with the individual patient how this information can help guide his or her therapeutic process. This process is then repeated every 30 days in order to ensure that the patient has improved over his or her time with Sovereign, or to help redirect the therapy to meet the patients’ individual needs.

The Outcomes Program, along with new, innovative and individualized treatment plans and therapies, is just another way that Sovereign Health seeks to be a leader in the field of excellent and innovative patient care. Sovereign’s mission is to continue to provide a better and more successful process of therapy and change. Sovereign Health hopes that the Outcomes Program will help lead the way to a more effective and efficient recovery for all of our patients.

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