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12-17-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

Salvia Divinorum (SALVIA), also known as Diviner’s Sage, is reportedly what Miley Cyrus smoked recently and which has been receiving a lot of attention.  It is a psychoactive plant that can be purchased easily and cheaply. Like K2 and SPICE, Salvia is a recreational drug that is attractive to underage teenagers.  It produces a psychedelic effect, but nothing like LSD or other, more potent, psychoactive psychedelics. Most people do not find the Salvia high very enjoyable.  It is not as addictive as K2 or Spice, but continues to be a gateway drug to more powerful and addictive drugs.

It is not uncommon for teenagers, prone to addiction and experimentation, to use over-the-counter drugs to get high.  Miley Cyrus may have been smoking Salvia, or she might have been smoking something else illegal and simply reported that she was smoking Salvia. Whether or not Miley Cyrus has smoked Salvia, or something else, does not discount the fact that many powerful drugs can be purchased easily by minors and abused.  Nitrous Oxide and K2/Spice are two of the most common drugs, bought at head shops and used by teenagers seeking a high.  Certain types of cough medicines are also widely abused by teenagers to get high.

Teenagers seeking to get high often do not have to go further than their parent’s medicine cabinet.  Prescription drug abuse by teenagers has been a major problem in the past ? but the situration is now worse than ever.  Paint and glue are other easily bought substances that teenagers use to get high.  These ‘cheap highs’ will almost always lead to stronger drugs.  Most people who use drugs, such as Salvia and Spice, would rather be smoking marijuana or taking LSD but, for one reason or another, they cannot obtain the drug, or are afraid of the legal ramifications of the illegal drugs.  In these cases the ‘cheap high’ becomes merely a precursor to the inevitable ‘expensive high’  the experimental teenager will use in the future.  Miley Cyrus may not be a drug addict yet, but she is well on her way.

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