Former NFL Ryan Leaf Kicked out of Drug Rehab Center
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02-04-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

As more and more professional athletes face problems with drug and alcohol, it may not come as a surprise that former NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf was kicked out of the drug rehab center he was attending. Instead of being sent straight to jail, a court judge ruled that he could participate in the rehab program as part of his jail sentence of five years. Ryan attended the Nexus Treatment Center in Lewistown, Montana.

Sadly, after being sited for bad behavior, Ryan was released from the rehab program and sent to state prison in Montana. The behavior is said to have violated the conditions he agreed to when he entered the substance abuse treatment center. According to the Los Angeles Times, part of the “bad behavior” that Ryan Leaf engaged in was threatening a member of the rehab’s treatment team, which lead to his immediate discharge.

Ryan Leaf - Kicked Out Of Drug Rehab Center

Ryan Leaf – Kicked Out Of Drug Rehab Center

Apparently after a successful career in the NFL, playing for the San Diego Chargers and the Washington State Cougars, Ryan Leaf became heavily into prescription pain pills. While he was a coach for the West Texas A&M University’s football team, and already on probation, Leaf stole painkillers from one of the players on his team. This is what sent him to rehab, and then prison: his guilty plea to stealing prescription pain pills from a player and a friend.

How unfortunate that someone with such talent on the field, and then as a coach, would need to resort to stealing painkillers from a player to feed his addition. Authorities do not believe the burglary was an isolated incident either; so Ryan must have been supporting his drug habit this way for a while.

There is a lot to the story, and sadly, young kids looking up to professional athletes, are not seeing a good example of how a career in the NFL translates to everyday life. Hopefully time in prison will help former NFL quarterback, Ryan Leaf, get clean so that when he is released, he can live a more productive life.

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