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01-08-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

Along with becoming an increasingly used way to measure the success of a program, many experts have begun to consider Patient Satisfaction as an important indicator of success in treatment.  Over many years, research has shown that patients who feel positive about the therapeutic relationship are more likely to have success in treatment, which has led to a greater investment in patient care and a stronger focus on how satisfied patients feel during their treatment.  Therefore the field of behavioral health as a whole is increasingly moving towards patient satisfaction as an essential part of a successful treatment philosophy.

Patient satisfaction refers to the level of satisfaction patients report following a course of treatment.  At Sovereign Health, we examine patient satisfaction in a variety of continuous ways to ensure that our patients are satisfied with our program, and if not we use their suggestions to make it better.  One of the most important patient satisfaction tools we use at Sovereign Health is our quarterly satisfaction surveys.

In addition to regular assessments that are conducted on a regular basis, each quarter (during the months of September, December, March and June) Sovereign Health asks each of its patients at the San Clemente location to tell us how all of our groups and group leaders are doing.  For one to two weeks each patient is asked to fill out a form for each group he or she attends and let us know how it’s going.  We take all this data and combine it to get a sense of how our program is doing as a whole and how our patients feel about it.  Below are some figures from our most recent survey in September:

In our surveys, we ask patients two sets of questions; one set deals with how they feel about groups, the other about the therapists who run them.  As Figure 1 below shows, we asked our patients two questions about groups (“Do you feel the content was relevant to your recovery” and “Do you feel this group was helpful in your recovery”), in which a vast majority of the groups scored more than 4 out of 5 and many of the groups scored over 4.5 (Advanced Process, Aftercare, CBT and more).  In Figure 2 our questions about therapists are presented (“Was the group leader well-prepared/appropriately supportive” and “Did the group leader lead in an effective manner”) and in this case nearly all of the therapists received scores above 4.5 across all categories.

Patient satisfaction isn’t simply about collecting data, however; it’s also about using that information to make a dual diagnosis program better.  Here at Sovereign Health, we pour over the data that we receive from our patients each quarter, using the results to help us design our curricula; adding popular groups and subtracting lower performing ones, and reinforcing our staff; providing feedback to those doing well and training to those who need the extra assistance.  At Sovereign Health, patient satisfaction isn’t simply a claim, it’s a philosophy.

Figure 1: Group Questions

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction



Figure 2: Therapist Questions

Rehab Patient Satisfaction

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