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04-19-10 Category: Addiction Treatment

How do I pay for Addiction Treatment?

Treatment for addiction may seem unthinkable for most Individuals seeking these services, with the cost of drug rehab averaging around $20,000 for 30 days of treatment.

This could be true, depending on the Rehab Centre you choose and the facilities offered. Even if it is, you do not have to pay for this yourself and addiction treatment could cost you almost nothing if it’s covered by an insurance policy. Financial aid is available and there are a number of ways by which one can pay for addiction treatment. Whilst some addiction treatments are covered by insurance, others may be funded by the state or federal government.

Private Medical Insurance

Many insurance companies today cover all or part of the costs pertaining to treatment.

Private Medical Insurance can thus pay for either the majority of drug and alcohol rehab costs or even, in some cases,  the entire fee! Depending on the kind of medical insurance, an individual has various payment options available. Treatment could be paid for through reimbursement or paid up front. Further, Insurance plans vary, with some covering inpatient treatment and others not. Typically, HMO insurance plans do not pay for inpatient drug treatment, but PPO insurance plans do. If you have health insurance you might want to check if they pay for addiction treatment and what kind of coverage they offer.

State Funded Medical Insurance

The federal government makes a major contribution to treatment costs through Medicaid, the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant. Thus, State Funded Medical Insurance in the form of Medicare and Medicaid might also be an option. There are plenty of addiction rehab programs funded by the state that accept this type of insurance. The payment options in this type of program  might, however, be reduced.

For those who do not have or cannot get insurance or who have little or no means of paying for treatment, a number of other options are available:

Faith Based Treatment – Patients unable to pay for treatment could be charged on the basis of income, or treatment may even be offered absolutely free for those individuals who have no means of paying but are determined to overcome their addiction. A number of rehab centers have programs for individuals who have little or no means to pay for treatment.
Public Rehab programs – These are usually funded by the government and might charge a minimal fee, or treatment might be absolutely free.
Religious Organizations – Some churches and other religious organizations might offer full or partial support for drug treatment.

Addiction Treatment can be expensive but is not unaffordable. There are numerous ways in which drug treatment can be obtained. One might be able to get full or partial financial aid or one might have to compromise on the quality of treatment. The more expensive rehab centers might be able to offer superior treatment and facilities, while the more affordable treatment options have their drawbacks.

They may be overpopulated, with long waiting lists, as a result of which the quality of treatment and patient care might suffer, along with availability and experience of the treatment team. However, despite the drawbacks, making use of any available option to get treatment is worth it if you cannot afford the best. Addiction does not get better on its own and rehab programs are successful in curing patients of their addictions and reducing relapse rates.

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