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A group of parents in Buffalo, New York worked together to pass legislation that monitors the distribution of prescription drugs that have been shown to be addictive. The New York parents created I-STOP, the Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing Act, which allows for real-time updates on who is being prescribed what drugs on what day.

Ideally, if someone fills an opiate painkiller prescription today, for example, that same person will not be able to fill that, or any other, opiate painkiller prescription for 30 days, or whatever duration of time the doctor deems appropriate. This group of New York parents continue to seek help for drug addicted children of other parents because, most of them have personally lost a child to substance abuse.

Even though the efforts can no longer help their own addicted children, these parents want to see things change for other families who are trying to save their drug-abusing kids. The parents are displeased that their hard work to pass a law is now being overlooked; they do not feel the regulations put in place are being carried out effectively.
Parents Fight Drug Addiction

One Buffalo, New York mother, Patricia McDonald, who sadly lost her daughter, Adrianne, two years ago to a heroin addiction that began with a prescription for painkillers, states that, “While this was a wonderful law, they’re dropping the ball and leaving thousands fighting for their lives.”

Parents across the country, and the world, are dealing with similar frustrations as they continue to seek help for drug addicted children: How can I help my child overcome a drug addiction when there are little to no resources, and I do not have the government’s support?

Where do I even start? I cannot keep my child clean and sober on my own. And now, even when laws are passed, and systems to help are in place, we still cannot help our drug-addicted children adequately?
It seems this group of Buffalo, New York parents will not stop fighting for helpful addiction resources.

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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