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09-21-10 Category: Addiction Treatment


There are new reality shows in the works that deal with eating disorders and/or peculiar eating habits.  E! Entertainment is releasing a six part series on eating disorders that is supposed to be very good.  This is a deviation from E!’s usual shallow content.  Rumor is that they are also creating a rehab reality show that is supposed to top other rehab shows.  Other eating disorder shows on television focus on peculiar eating habits, like eating too much pizza.  Chelsey Handler commented on the ridiculousness of that show on Chelsey Lately on E! Entertainment.

There’s nothing wrong with reality shows about recovery, especially reality shows about addiction and eating disorders, but sometimes they try a little too hard to create something new and original, when they don’t need to.   If someone were to go into an eating disorder treatment facility or an addiction treatment facility and just film day-to-day operations, they would have no need to create or invent any drama for TV.  In fact, I bet a reality television show would have to actually cut back on the drama that occurs at treatment facilities every day across the United States.

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