Benefits Of Natural IV Detox Therapy
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Sovereign Health Group of California stays current on methods for all aspects of chemical dependency treatment, which allows staff members to offer clients exactly what they need while healing from drug and alcohol addiction.

When an addict or alcoholic stops using drugs and drinking, the process of detoxification begins. With medical attention and proper medications and treatment, the body can start flushing out the harmful and toxic chemicals that built up from repeated substance abuse. When medically monitored, detox from all drugs, including alcohol, can be completed safely. After detox, clients can begin a formal treatment program.

The field of substance abuse treatment is constantly improving as we learn what best assists people in the recovery process. One of the progressive programs Sovereign Health Group offers its clients is brain restoration with natural IV detoxification.

What is Brain Restoration with Natural IV Detox?

In an effort to make the detox process more efficient, a system has been developed to saturate the brain in nutrients. Natural IV Detox Therapy uses what is called a co-enzyme, this one named NAD. The nutrients supplied to the person who is detoxing have shown great results.

Other Conditions Natural IV Detox Therapy Is Used For

This form of treatment is used for other conditions as well. Any aspect of a compromised immune system, autoimmune disorders, athletic injuries or to increase performance, cancer and detox from radiation or chemotherapy treatments, general detoxification from harmful chemicals or from toxins of everyday life, neurological conditions, asthma, diabetes, fibromyalgia symptoms, and any other disorder for which a doctor sees fit.

What are the Benefits of Natural IV Detox?

Overall, the system of nutrient-enriched detox with NAD heals the damage that has been done to the brain and to the balance of chemicals that now needs restoration.

For drug and alcohol detox in particular, in just 10 to 14 days, Brain Restoration with Natural IV Detox has shown to provide the following benefits:

1. A Better Detox Experience

Clients will feel less fatigued, less anxious, and less depressed, all of which were caused by continuous substance abuse, when going through Natural IV Detox and Brain Restoration.

Bottom line: this form of detox offers clients relief from feelings that kept them using. Anxiety or depression may have been why an individual started using in the first place, and with Natural IV Therapy, that information can better surface. Is the anxiety I felt years ago still present? Has using alcohol actually medicated my depression at all? These, any many other questions, can be answered with medical and mental health professionals during and after detox.

2. Reduction of Withdrawal Symptoms

Clients who have gone through Natural IV Detox are shown to experience 50% less painful withdrawal symptoms than those detoxing without the Natural IV Detox process. Withdrawal from drugs like heroin, prescription painkillers, benzodiazepines, and alcohol is unpleasant.

The symptoms of withdrawal remind the person of exactly why he or she continued to use and drink for as long as substance abuse went on.

When a detox program can reduce the symptoms that potentially lead a person back to substances within the first week or two of abstinence, a small victory has been accomplished. If the painful symptoms can be reduced by 50% or more, the likelihood of an immediate return to substances has also been greatly reduced.

3. Elimination of Drug Cravings

This form of therapy has been found to eliminate drug and alcohol cravings at the completion of the treatment, meaning after full brain restoration.

This is huge for addicts and alcoholics who are ready to quit using because the pain and discomfort of withdrawal, paired with the intense physical and psychological cravings, is what takes many right back to drugs and alcohol. In many cases, detox without the Natural IV process does not decrease the person’s desire for his or her drug, or drugs, of choice. The client is not using or drinking, and seems to want to stay that way, but the body and brain are different than the will to stay clean.

4. Brain Chemistry

An imbalance in brain chemistry is what keeps many addicts and alcoholics sick. The nutrients and co-enzyme, NAD, allow the brain to more quickly find a healthy balance.

The Natural IV Detox process that facilitates brain restoration changes the chemistry of the brain in ways that return the user to a balance that more closely resembles pre-drug abuse. In other words, going through detox without a flow of nutrients to the brain is really just eliminating harmful chemicals, it is not replenishing with anything.

The Natural IV Detox program gives the brain exactly what it needs to start healing. Without something in its place, so to speak, the parts of the brain that wanted more drugs, or more alcohol, are satisfied and no longer in need of toxins for functioning.

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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