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Jasmin Rogg, Sovereign Health’s Clinical Director of the Culver City facility, has just published a fascinating article in, an online journal for Addiction and Mental Health and Education ideas.

In the article titled “The ism or Geriatric Children” Jasmin Rogg presents a description about the different phases of addiction from a poetic third-person perspective. This perspective helps give the reader a personal look into the stages of addiction from first use to how to deal with the reality of living with addictive tendencies during recovery.

Throughout the article, Jasmin offers insight into how an individual experiences addiction directly, from an emotional perspective. The article begins by discussing what is really at the root of alcoholism; having an emotional disconnect from others and being unable to correctly cope with life’s difficulties. The individual then turns to child-like behaviors to deal with this emotional hole and the activities.

Jasmin Rogg

Jasmin continues by describing how Alcoholism is not simple and requires consistent, quality care in order to be treated, and why it is so difficult for many to seek that care. She then discusses the inner workings of an addict, his fears, dreams and pain. Jasmin then uses the article to examine how both men and women deal with being in rehab. Finally she turns to the end of treatment and maintenance; how addicts have to deal with their emotions as they leave treatment and continue on with their lives.

We are very proud to have a Clinical Director of Jasmin’s character leading our Culver City facility and hope that you will take some time to read this fascinating perspective on the emotions behind those who are living with addiction.

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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