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05-30-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

Jasimin Rogg is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and is the Clinical Director at Sovereign Health California.  She offers psychotherapy to recovering addicts and alcoholics with her private practice in Beverly Hills, California.  She has been the facilitator of ongoing recovery groups at various chemical dependency treatment centers in Los Angeles.

With years of experience in the addiction treatment and recovery both in personal and professional aspects Jasmin can assist others in how to change old behaviors that are destructive and replace them with patterns that are productive and can promote prosperity and success.

Jasmin is orginially from Germany, and in order to study Psychology she enrolled in Loyola Marymount University and then went on to attend UCLA and earn her M.A. in Counseling. That is where she received her degrees from, which gave her an interesting introspective view into the world of recovery in Los Angeles, California.

At the moment Jasmin’s focus is on the recovery from emotional disorders and chemical dependency.  She incorporates various conceptual theories that she tailors specifically to each client separately.  Her clientele ranges from couples of all ages to families who suffer from depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

In this podcast, Jasmin talks about her book: To Hell And Back which is about how to recover from addiction and alcoholism and still be able to show compassion and love to those around us.



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