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10-31-12 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab

Insurance for rehab services to support mental health, eating disorders and addiction treatments is a luxury that thousands of people in the United States are currently unable to afford. Sovereign Health of California was committed to revolutionizing the way health insurance is used in treatment facilities in an attempt to help more people get the addiction treatment they deserve. Sovereign Health has been a huge patient advocate in an attempt to increase the amount of coverage and treatment options available to people in need.

Insurance For Rehab

From the word go, our admissions team will handle benefit verification and create an actionable plan to have a patient get into a treatment facility and begin the rehab possible as soon as possible. Even if a patient has insurance for rehab, there still may be an issue regarding a deductible. Sovereign Health is willing to work with individuals to help find available resources to help make treatment a reality. An average patient at Sovereign Health who has insurance for rehab is seeing 30-45 days of treatment covered, with some policies covering as many as long as three months.

Excellent patient documentation is a hallmark of Sovereign Health and our facility is Joint Commission Accredited. The majority of PPO insurance plans are accepted by Sovereign Health. If a patient has health insurance, but is unsure if their carrier is a match we can call and ask the technical questions needed to setup coverage. There are also certain agreements that we can reach with the insurance company if the patient has an HMO plan instead of PPO coverage. If out of pocket expenses are required, the patient will receive a thorough explanation prior to enrollment to avoid the Sovereign prides itself on amazing patient care, great mental health treatment and satisfaction through results. “We Accept and Direct Bill Insurance” is a point of pride for Sovereign Health.

Vicki Hartman, Director of Billing & Financial services explains the admission process and how to use insurance for rehab.

Blog Post By:Jared Friedman

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