Healing the Addicted Brain Faster with Natural Detox Option
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07-28-14 Category: Addiction Treatment


Perhaps the most difficult component of beginning your journey to recovery is enduring the emotional and physical discomfort of drug withdrawal symptoms. Cleansing the nervous system of cocaine, prescription medications, opiates and alcohol places the body and mind into a chaos that may take days, months or years to completely heal. However, our addiction professionals of Sovereign Health are dedicated to your recovery with advances in science that support a detox with less discomfort, minimal cravings and increased clarity of mind for better health. With our natural drug detox treatment program, you may experience an accelerated detox process that allows you to build a stronger recovery with less chance of relapse.

Healthy brain cells are paramount to sending and receiving information at the cellular level that promote a feeling of optimism, clarity and wellbeing. Neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, are nature’s messengers that move throughout the neurons and balance the delicate harmony of a bright mood. Drugs or alcohol mimic the role of these chemicals and induce a heightened experience of euphoria and extreme well-being by over stimulating neural receptor sites. Eventually, the substance of abuse takes over the natural supply of neurotransmitters as the brain slowly loses the ability to produce these essential chemicals on its own.

When the sufferer abruptly stops the substance of abuse, the brain chemistry is traumatized by the lack of “feel good” chemicals that may induce a state of intense depression, unrelenting anxiety and physical withdrawal symptoms. Repeated substance abuse also damages this fragile neurological system and hinders the ability for the brain to repair and rebuild production of healthy neurotransmitters.

Rapid Detox Treatment: Empower Relapse Prevention with Improved Clarity

The skilled professionals of Sovereign Health understand how this unstable state presents a high risk for relapse. Even in an inpatient drug detox setting, you may require replacement medications for withdrawal symptoms that slow the process of removing the substance and lengthen the discomfort of the grueling process.

Fortunately, as part of our rehab treatment and drug detox programs, we offer the option of the scientifically-based NAD/NTR, Naturally Assisted Detox and Neurotransmitter Restoration. NAD/NTR is designed to accelerate the replenishment and health of brain cells for a more productive recovery experience that minimizes cravings and reduces the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Our natural detox program also re-establishes the essential nutrients and amino acids that are commonly deficient in the brain cells of addiction sufferers. As a superior method to standard detox programs, this rapid detox treatment encourages a nourished brain to experience more clarity and regain a sense of wellbeing. By improving the mood and reducing anxiety quickly, clients often do not require surrogate medications and are less likely to experience problems associated with relapse.

Rapid Detox Treatment and Protocol

NAD/NTR is an all natural rapid detox treatment that does not utilize addictive medications which will expedite the healing and recovery process. Our drug-free treatment is administered intravenously in our or orally by a licensed nurse under the supervision of a skilled physician in our comfortable drug detox center. Typically, NAD/NTR requires 10 to 14 days of treatment and is performed as part of your overall addiction treatment program. You may appreciate spending a few relaxing hours a day in a comfortable recliner, working on your laptop, enjoying movies or listening to music. Healing the body and the mind is an important component to a successful recovery, and we provide a stunning view of the California Coast as you experience healing in a time of optimism and reflection.

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