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03-29-13 Category: Addiction Treatment

The club drug, Ecstasy, sees a resurgence with a new name: Molly. It seems the innocent sounding name and the claim that the pills are a pure form of MDMA, the main component of Ecstasy, have attracted a new generation of drug experimenters.

San Francisco has seen the increasing rates of Molly use recently among the city’s teenage population. One seventeen-year-old, who was a client at an Oakland-based rehab facility at the time of his statement, said that, “Obviously, it’s becoming a big hit. Everyone’s doing it. I’ve definitely been up for a whole night off Molly.”

The concern in all of this is that kids and young adults do not understand the severity of taking a pill, or other form, of a drug like Ecstasy or Molly. Without knowing what is included in a pill, a teen will swallow it and just think that the fun, euphoric, empathic, and joyful effects are all good.

Ecstasy Addiction Increases

Ecstasy Addiction Increases

As partying increases among the youngest members of our communities, club drugs like Ecstasy and Molly pose a problem. One seventeen-year-old Ecstasy user shares his experiences of the drug with Darryl S. Inaba, Pharm.D. and William E. Cohen in the book Uppers, Downers, All-Arounders by saying:

“We’d have ‘E’ parties; a bunch of people would take ‘E’ and, like, it’s really like a friendly drug. You take it and then you feel happy, so you talk to your friends a lot, you talk to strangers, and you find things in common, and everyone is like your best friend; but when you come down off the drug, it’s like a totally different experience – it’s like a downer.”

Increasing awareness of the potentially fatal consequences of these drugs needs to be communicated to those who do not see the dangers. Rappers like Kanye West and pop singers like Madonna include the fun aspects of club drugs in several of their songs, which only seems to give kids permission to try Ecstasy and Molly, and other drugs. Those in the public eye could be a little more responsible instead of just glorifying the fun effects of such a dangerous group of drugs.

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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