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11-06-12 Category: Addiction Treatment, Drug Rehab


The long road to recovery begins with the first step, when a patient realizes he or she is in need of professional help from a drug rehab facility for their addiction. Once the patient reaches out to the drug treatment center, Sovereign Health can then begin the confidential admission and intake process. After first contact is made with Sovereign Health, a counselor will have a conversation with the potential patient to determine if Sovereign Health Group is a good match for the patient’s specific treatment needs. When a proper match is determined the next step in the completely confidential intake process is to make an initial determination on what level of care is necessary for the patient. Sovereign Health guarantees that a patient’s information is kept confidential and your legal rights to privacy and medical records will be honored at all times.

Alcohol rehab, drug rehab, mental health disorders, eating disorders, Sovereign Health has a variety of treatment options available for people in search of recovery. The information received from the initial contact will be passed along to the clinical staff at Sovereign Health so they can begin assessment and start the healing process. A common question in the admissions process is what to bring to this residential treatment facility? Sovereign Health has developed a simple list of what to bring and what not to bring for your stay, learn more here.

Drug Rehab Admission

Drug Rehab Admission

When it comes to financing for behavioral health services there are a variety of options. Some patients may be covered by their insurance company for rehab or other mental health treatments. All of this can be discussed with the competent and caring admission’s staff at Sovereign Health.

Drug addiction or alcohol rehab may not be the solution for everyone, the admission and clinical staff will be able to help you determine what if any behavioral health services can help you in your life.

Learn more about Sovereign Health’s admission process by watching this video from Vicki Hartman (Director, Billing & Financial Services)

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