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Tempted to drink or take drugs when you have problems? Think again

Most of us might have turned to, or at least been tempted, to turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort at some point in our lives. Stress at work, low self esteem, loneliness or depression can cause some of us to drink or do drugs to feel better – and we do for a short while. We feel like all our problems have gone away.

What’s important to understand however, is that whilst they SEEM helpful in dealing with emotional or physical pain, by making us forget about it temporarily, they really are not helpful ? and they don’t solve the problem. The drugs and alcohol make you feel better for ONLY a short while and if you take away the drugs or alcohol the problem is STILL there, be it stress at home, at work, low self esteem, loneliness or depression.

Because they DO make you feel good and make you feel like the problem has gone away, you tend to use the drug more and more until,  before you know it, it becomes your way of dealing with all your problems.

With repeated use of the substance, you lose the ability to stop yourself from using it, because you end up becoming addicted to it. What starts as a voluntary act becomes an involuntary compulsion to use the drug, causing you to forget everything that is important to you – your family, your work ? keeping you focused on only one thing, procuring and using the drug.

Drinking or taking drugs does not solve your problems. Instead it could create a much bigger one – ADDICTION! This adversely affects every aspect of your life – psychological, physical, social and occupational.

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