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Substance and process addictions (i.e., sex, gambling, etc.) have a common etiology, or stem from a common place. Generally speaking, all addictions arise out of the same place in the brain. Addiction is essentially a thought disorder related to memory and recall. At Sovereign Health’s drug rehab center, located in Orange County, California, we focus on systematically changing faulty cognitive processes. Addicts and alcoholics have an uncanny ability to forget the negative consequences of their addictions. Addicts and alcoholics have a unique cognitive impairment that causes them to minimize the recall of negative experiences related to their addictive behavior. In our addiction treatment program at Sovereign Health of California, we focus on repairing that cognitive impairment through innovative and clinically proven techniques. Once the brain is ‘healthy’ addicts and alcoholics will not purposefully behave in unhealthy ways. What this means is that, in drug rehab at Sovereign Health, the addict learns to act in healthy ways apart from their desire to act in unhealthy ways.

The person addicted to something that produces negative consequences in their life believes that their previous negative experiences, resulting from their addictive behavior, will not occur again. They believe that doing the same thing they did before will result in a different outcome, despite the fact that they have proved this belief to be wrong time and time again. This is the definition of cognitive impairment. In Alcoholics Anonymous they say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again (referring to drinking alcohol) and expecting different results. At Sovereign Health of California, we help people struggling with addiction to overcome their cognitive impairment through the use of biofeedback, neurofeedback and advanced cognitive techniques.

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