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Is your head pounding? Do you feel sick, and just want to sleep but you can’t stay asleep? Are you insanely thirsty? Insatiably hungry, or too nauseated to eat? Are you feeling depressed and worthless?  Are you hungover?

If these symptoms have become all-too-familiar, and nursing your hangover has become a part of your regular start-to-the-day routine, it sounds like alcohol abuse or addiction is a reality of your current life. It may be time to face the facts, and seek help.

Realized I Had A Problem With Alcohol

When I realized I had a problem with alcohol, I was talking with a friend I had recently reunited with after years of no communication. I thought waking up with a headache and a need for recuperation was what everyone woke up to, but he assured me that it wasn’t, and it didn’t have to be for me.

I started to think about my patterns: drinking at least a few drinks each night was commonplace, and so was the case for all my friends. I then started paying attention to my mindset, and why I was choosing “just a few drinks” but to the point of at least slight intoxication, every night.

 It hit me one day; I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and for what? To catch a buzz? Was sober life really that bad?

Professional Help

While it was by no means easy, I sought professional care and completed an inpatient rehab program (after undergoing medically-monitored detox) and was alcohol-free.

Now, I have to take steps every day to maintain that decision, and there are days where alcohol is constantly on my mind, but I remember the bigger picture. I think back to those times of brutal hangovers, morning after morning, and I do not want to go back to that. I wasn’t living a life that I cared about, or that made me feel good.

If you can relate, and you ready to permanently cure your hangover, seek professional help too. I am so glad that I did, and while relapse can be a real part of sobriety, a life of recovery beats a good buzz any day!

Blog Post By: Jared Friedman

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