Matthew Perry: Addiction And Depression Manifested
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Friends, the show about 6 friends trying to survive life and love in Manhattan, never really touched on alcohol or drug abuse.

There was “Fun Bobby” and a few other characters that referenced alcoholism and what not, but for better or worse, the Friends audience was not exposed to heavy issues like addiction.

For a decade the show banked on real-life scenarios that the audience could relate to. The characters were put in many various situations, and of course the actors playing them had their own lives.

People took notice of Matthew Perry’s fluctuating weight and physical appearance, and it later came out that Matthew Perry suffered from addiction and depression during Friends.

Chandler Bing

Matthew Perry, who everyone knows and loves as Chandler Bing, was heavily addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol during a large part of the show’s success. In recent years, Matthew has advocated for addiction, but his road to recovery was not without its own turmoil. He went to rehab many times before getting clean.

Now, he has opened The Perry House, a sober living facility for men who are trying to stay clean and sober, in what used to be his own home in Malibu, California. Matthew teamed up with addiction expert Earl Hightower to help as many recovering addicts as possible.

Pretty nice, right?

With all the substance abuse that happens in Hollywood, it’s nice to see someone who suffered from addiction and depression get the help he needed, and is now really and truly paying it forward.

Matthew Perry has been inspired to help others with common struggles. If you asked him during Friends what he’d be doing in 10 years, the answer would probably not have included aiding in the recovery process of other addicts.

The possibilities for all of us are endless when compassion and understanding for ourselves can translate to care for other people.

Matthew Perry suffered from addiction and depression during Friends, but he can now serve as a role model for other addicts and alcoholics. Your life can be remarkably different if you want it to be.

Post by: Marissa Maldonado

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