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12-31-12 Category: Addiction Treatment

Jasmin Rogg, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, was a guest on the ‘A Moment Of Change Podcast’ and shares how to have feelings and still maintain sobriety. Jasmin Rogg is an expert on the subject and also the author of ‘To Hell and Back’.

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Counseling psychology is the master’s degree Jasmin Rogg currently holds. Jasmin provides psychotherapy for people recovering from alcohol addiction and provides therapy services for a variety of treatment centers including Sovereign Health of California. Sovereign Health is a leading dual diagnosis treatment center helping people recover from their behavioral health problems and the related substance abuse issues.

Jasmin Rogg’s primary focus is on recovery from chemical dependency and emotional disorders. Jasmin facturs in a variety of procedures into her practice and tailors a unique treatment plan specific for the individual patient in recovery. Jasmin Rogg’s experience covers twenty five years and includes psychotherapy from all different family situations and age groups who suffer from depression, anxiety and substance abuse and related parenting, relationship & carrier issues.

Having spent many years in the field of addiction treatment and recovery on professional and personal levels, Jasmin knows what it takes to leave behind destructive behavior patterns in favor of actions that promote prosperity and success. She has dedicated her life to using her extensive experience to benefit others. In her work, she uses the “alchemy” of turning weakness into strength, passing on resources and tools for recovery from emotional pain, depression, anxiety, and addiction. She helps build great lives.

In the seventies, Jasmin moved to California from her native Germany in order to study psychology at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University. Her family background is Jewish-Romanian-Italian. She is bilingual in English and German and also speaks some Romanian and French.

Listen to Jasmin’s Live Presentation On Her Book ‘To Hell And Back’:

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