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Addiction Treatment

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Addiction Treatment

Addiction can involve a variety of substances, symptoms and causes. Some are still unaware of the depth and duration substance abuse can wield on one’s health, circle of loved ones, employment and standing with the law. Recreational use or experimentation accelerates into dependence; which changes lanes to addiction seemingly on autopilot; choice or restraint are held hostage in the back seat when the of disease addiction takes the driver’s seat.

Once the addiction begins to take hold, a person will be unable to function without the substance. Everyday actions such as driving to work and socializing among friends, become impossible without the substance. Each substance varies in how it affects the brain, altering one’s behavior and controlling one’s life.

Attempting to battle addiction is an extremely difficult task by oneself. Seeking professional treatment at Sovereign Health of California can help to identify the addiction and other co-occurring conditions in an individual. Receive treatment and learn to cope with the addiction by understanding the causes and factors which led to the addiction.

Addiction Summary

For a person struggling with addiction, the substance they are addicted to is the center of their world. This means that everything else is secondary to them, including matters of self-preservation such as food, water and personal health.

In 2013, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found around 1.3 million adults in the United States received treatment for an alcohol use disorder at the specific facility. There are a variety of addictive substances, drugs and alcohol being two of the main categories, each with their own unique symptoms and effects.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction

Symptoms of alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction can be identified as a physical dependence to alcohol. The person addicted, may abuse alcohol despite the problems it causes their health. Similar to drug addiction, the body requires alcohol in order to function normally, while also harming the individual’s health. Symptoms or red flag warning signs of alcohol addiction in include:

  1. Continuing to drink even when it is detrimental to their health
  2. Attempts to hide their alcohol use or lying about it
  3. Needing the drink daily in order to feel normal or get through their day
  4. Serious withdrawal symptoms when they have been without alcohol for a period of time

These are only a few of the symptoms to watch out for in friends and family expressing problems with alcohol addiction.

Symptoms of drug addiction

Symptoms of drug addiction

Drug addiction is more than the abuse of an illegal substance; it is the dependence on the illegal drug or medication to function in everyday life. Most drugs rewire the brain and cause an individual to develop a chronic need for the drug.A person can be addicted to any number of drugs. This can include: methamphetamine, prescription drugs, marijuana, K2/spice, heroin, opiates, cocaine and club drugs. A person who is addicted to drugs may exhibit symptoms such as:

    1. A need to use a drug daily
    2. Failed attempts to stop using the drug
    3. Spending money on the drug despite not being able to afford it
    4. Needing the drug to function or deal with problems
    5. Serious withdrawal symptoms after a period of time without the drug

Symptoms often vary depending on which drug a person is using and for how long the person has been using. The website goes into more details for many of the addictive drugs.

Addiction Treatment at Sovereign Health

People who attempt to beat addiction going cold turkey and on their own, will find the task nearly impossible. The Sovereign Health Group develops a personalized treatment for each patient, guiding them through the process and treating any co-occurring conditions.

Detox is the best option to cleanse the body of the substance before addiction. Sovereign Health not only offers detox at several substance abuse treatment locations but also offers naturally assisted detox at the San Clemente, California, location. Naturally assisted detox uses natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes to speed up the treatment process as well as minimize cravings.

The Sovereign Health Group offers programs to patients for both addiction and mental health issues, while focusing on building a network of support for the patient. Sovereign Health equips patients with the skills necessary to function in a healthy and sober lifestyle following treatment.

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