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Medical marijuana supporters want further research to explore its benefits
04-30-18 Category: Marijuana

After a wave of marijuana opposition at both state and national levels, there seems to be a surge in the number of movements asking for more medical marijuana research. On Thursday, a group of House lawmakers advocated for the passage of a bill aimed at expanding research into the medicinal benefits of marijuana. According to […]

Study sheds light on brain mechanism linking PTSD to opioid abuse
04-30-18 Category: Opioid

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a serious mental condition, stems from traumatic experiences involving an extremely dangerous, shocking and fearful incident. It is a common perception that this disease is prevalent among members of the military only, though prior researches have highlighted that victims of a natural disaster or crimes like rape are likely to develop […]

House panel advances 57 bills aimed at tackling opioid epidemic
04-27-18 Category: Addiction

A House committee on April 25, 2018, advanced 57 bills aimed at dealing with the opioid epidemic ravaging the entire country. However, the Energy and Commerce Committee’s health subcommittee couldn’t complete work on the all the proposed 63 bills. The 57 bills focus on a wide range of areas to combat the ongoing menace, including […]

Mental health diagnosis can be oppressive for some people, finds study
04-25-18 Category: Behavioral Health

Acknowledging poor mental health and coming out to seek treatment could be viewed as the first step to recovery. However, a recent study published in The Lancet Psychiatry has found that for some afflicted individuals, mental health diagnosis is nothing short of oppression. The study highlighted the experiences of users of mental health services, caregivers, […]

Are top spirit brands moving away from Twitter?
04-24-18 Category: Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Addiction

It appears that several spirit brands are deserting Twitter. A recent study by drinks specialist marketing agency YesMore shows that over 42 percent of the top 100 spirits and liqueur brands haven’t tweeted from their accounts in the past one month. The research also suggested that 32 percent of the brands haven’t posted any tweet […]

Report shows sharp decline in number of opioid prescriptions filled in US

The overall number of opioid prescriptions filled by mail and retail-order pharmacies has seen an average decline of 8.9 percent across the U.S., according to reports related by a health data firm. The new report by the IQVIA’s Institute for Human Data Science showed the biggest drop of 12 percent in total doses of prescription […]

Weed Day: It’s all going to be smoke and weed at California’s 4/20 celebrations
04-20-18 Category: Marijuana

It’s once again time for the pot enthusiasts to have fun and frolic. It is the occasion when Americans will partake in celebrations marking the Weed Day on April 20. And for California, it will be a celebration unlike anything witnessed before – the day will commemorate the first ‘4/20’ – the unofficial Marijuana’s high […]

Patti Murin of Broadway’s ‘Frozen’ speaks about her struggles with anxiety
04-20-18 Category: Anxiety

“So last night I called out of the show because I had a massive anxiety attack in the afternoon,” read the Instagram post of Patti Murin that she wrote on April 18, 2018, alongside her photograph in the character of Princess Anna. American actress, singer and dancer Murin currently plays Princess Anna in the Broadway […]

Alcohol Awareness Month: Alcohol consumption can shorten life
04-19-18 Category: Alcohol

Now, even one alcoholic drink a day cannot be considered safe and healthy, as it can result in shorter life expectancies, says a recent study by the University of Cambridge. The study also urged countries to reconsider their drinking recommendations to not more than 100 grams of alcohol each week, and said that the current […]

Opioid crisis: Jeff Sessions introduces NPRM to cap drug production
04-18-18 Category: Opioid

Better information means better decisions, believes Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who just announced the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that proposes to empower the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to limit the annual opioid production in the United States. This will be enabled by using the information available from the Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders […]

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